OP Homulilly: EVE University evicts Absolute Defiance member corporation

On the weekend of the 11th of May, EVE University conducted a three-day operation codenamed “OP Homulilly” under the command of veteran Wormhole Campus members Arimos and Alex Robles.

During these three days, a University fleet invaded the wormhole system of J235117 and successfully evicted resident corporation Tempest Legion, members of notorious high-sec wardec alliance Absolute Defiance.

Over the course of the operation, upwards of 20 billion ISK in hostile assets were destroyed, and multiple billion ISK worth of loot were donated to University coffers.

A full AAR for the operation is publicly available on the EVE University forums:
OP Homulilly: Aftermath of a weekend

OP GriefSeed: EVE University evicts Public-Enemy allies

On the weekend of the 24th of October, EVE University conducted a three-day operation codenamed “OP GriefSeed” under the command of teaching manager Titus Tallang.

During these three days, a University fleet invaded the wormhole system of J144739 and successfully evicted resident corporation Hounds of Haides, who University intelligence indicated as having extremely close ties to notorious high-sec wardec alliance Public-Enemy, going so far as to shelter ships belonging to that alliance within their POS shields for prolonged periods of time on multiple occasions.

Over the course of the operation, upwards of 4.5 billion ISK in hostile assets were destroyed.

A full AAR for the operation is publicly available on the EVE University forums:
Law of Cycles: GriefSeed no more

Operation Dragonslayer

Dragonslayer Banner

On August 26th Eve University, known for large fleets comprised of frigates and cruisers, dusted off their larger ships for a massive fleet operation. Taking almost an hour to organize the fleet composition and structures they quickly undocked from station and headed out in search of a “dragon”.  This was a rare display of large ship composition that is rarely seen flying in New Eden by our pilots.  Knowing what our targets were the FC took the time to review fits he had listed in the doctrine and instruct new Unistas how to be effective in a large engagement as we traveled in space.

Fleet Undock

After finding some minor engagements in lowsec the decision was made to head into nullsec space. It was quickly apparent that we were in the right place as our scouts quickly narrowed down locations of various targets within striking distance. Noticing a gang of small ships our FC decided to engage when suddenly a Battleship Gang appeared on grid. Warping in and landing on them they quickly began the engagement attacking one of our ships as the battlefield was bathed in flash of brilliant light.  When the light faded 2 Carriers and 2 Dreadnaughts were positioned on the field.

At this point our full fleet arrived on grid much to the surprise of our targets. While our neuters went to work and HIC engaged his bubble, our FC started his target calling. Quickly the enemy ships were burned down and we focused on our primary targets. Knowing the carriers would be in triage the first was neuted and engaged. In under a minute it was gone… The Revelation and Moros followed by the last archon exploded soon after.  Without cap and in a bubble the fate of these magnificent ships was sealed. We are proud of the performance of our pilots who took part in this engagement and must also salute our targets for taking the fight and showing great sportsmanship. You can find the full battle report on our Killboard.

E-UNI Launches “Guest Fleet Commander” Program

For some time now, EVE University has restricted its fleet commanders to alliance members and a select few members with specific standings, but yesterday on July 16th, EVE University CEO Kelduum Revaan announced the formation of a ‘Guest Fleet Commander’ program.

This will allow select Fleet Commanders from different corporations and alliance within EVE to act as fleet commanders for EVE University fleets, allowing the students to gain a wider range of experience from FCs with different skill-sets and styles.

The first Guest FC to join the program is legendary Fleet Commander Ferocious FeAr of The Final Stand, who joined the EVE University Mumble server and spoke to members for quite some time last night.

We spoke to a couple of E-UNI Freshmen, Xelrich who was quite excited:

After merely sitting with her in channel and seeing her amazing knowledge of the game, I simply can’t wait to finally jump into fleet ops, something until now I’ve been too scared to get into seriously.

And fellow Freshman Morgaine L’Faye who was even more thrilled:

I never thought I’d be sad to see a war dec go away, but at least we have the next 24 hours to watch Fear give the war-targets the ass-whooping they need. I just hope I can get in on that fleet!

During wars, the Ally system as well as independent war-declarations will be used to ensure that guests have the same lists of targets as members, and E-UNI members will be restricted to the normal Rules of Engagement at other times (NRDS in LoSec, NBSI in Null).

If you or someone you know are interested in participating in the Guest FC program, please contact Kelduum Revaan for details.

[Soon] E-Uni Smashes RvB

Well, Ok, we haven’t smashed them yet but coming soon the Eve University will be at war.

From Kelduum Revaan


‘EVE University’ vs ‘Red vs Blue’ (aka ‘Purple’)

From Downtime on January 26th, Until downtime on January 29th.

We’ve been speaking with RvB about some more PvP practice, as the last war was a load of fun (mostly) for both sides, with RvB being a great match for the Uni, so E-UNI will be declaring war on them for a short war, from 11:00 EVE time on Thursday 26th until 11:00 EVE time on Sunday 29th.

While there are some restrictions applied beyond the normal Wartime SOP, this is sure to be an entertaining few days.

See the forum post from Kelduum for more information!

EVE University at War

ALDRAT, Metropolis – Reports are arriving of large battles in the Aldrat system, where EVE University makes its headquarters. A merchant capsuleer, who asked not to be identified to avoid politically compromising his corporation, said that his ship was outside Pator Tech School when an attack began:

“At 14:52 I witnessed a fleet of Reds and Blues come out of warp and destroy a Raven-class E-UNI battleship. In less than a minute an E-UNI fleet arrived and engaged, and there was heavy combat for at least the next couple of minutes, but I didn’t stick around to see how it turned out.”

Battle Over Aldrat IX

Battle outside Pator Tech School, Aldrat IX

CONCORD reports that the Ivy League alliance has declared war on The 0rphanage, BLUE Republic, and RED Federation, and has received declarations of war from Kill It With Fire, Sleeper Social Club, The Devil’s Warrior Alliance, Skunk Works., and others. This sudden increase in hostilities is believed to be a result of E-UNI’s recent suspension of its WSOP.

E-UNI CEO Kelduum Revaan has promised medals of recognition to all students who remain in the University through this time of turbulence, but it remains to be seen how the membership numbers will change even as perennial adversaries Human After All and Veldspar Defence Force have announced they are stepping up recruitment of E-UNI capsuleers who wish to turn against their alma mater.

E-UNI Suspends WSOP

ALDRAT, Metropolis – In a press conference on the morning of September 18, EVE University leadership announced the temporary suspension of its long-standing Wartime Standard Operating Procedures (WSOP), beginning what is expected to be a weeks-long period of hostility in the Metropolis region and beyond.

“It’s time to make a point and for everyone to see how bad it used to be,” declared Kelduum Revaan, CEO of EVE University.  Revaan was referring to the third quarter of YC 108, when two months of war following E-UNI’s evacuation of the Geminate region spurred university leadership to charter the Ivy League alliance and reconsider its response to declarations of war.

Thinking of that time, Revaan recalled, “There were next to no rules, certainly no SOP, and the killboard outside our corporate offices was covered with four to five pages of ship losses per day from a couple of hundred E-UNI members.” Continue reading