E-UNI Launches “Guest Fleet Commander” Program

For some time now, EVE University has restricted its fleet commanders to alliance members and a select few members with specific standings, but yesterday on July 16th, EVE University CEO Kelduum Revaan announced the formation of a ‘Guest Fleet Commander’ program.

This will allow select Fleet Commanders from different corporations and alliance within EVE to act as fleet commanders for EVE University fleets, allowing the students to gain a wider range of experience from FCs with different skill-sets and styles.

The first Guest FC to join the program is legendary Fleet Commander Ferocious FeAr of The Final Stand, who joined the EVE University Mumble server and spoke to members for quite some time last night.

We spoke to a couple of E-UNI Freshmen, Xelrich who was quite excited:

After merely sitting with her in channel and seeing her amazing knowledge of the game, I simply can’t wait to finally jump into fleet ops, something until now I’ve been too scared to get into seriously.

And fellow Freshman Morgaine L’Faye who was even more thrilled:

I never thought I’d be sad to see a war dec go away, but at least we have the next 24 hours to watch Fear give the war-targets the ass-whooping they need. I just hope I can get in on that fleet!

During wars, the Ally system as well as independent war-declarations will be used to ensure that guests have the same lists of targets as members, and E-UNI members will be restricted to the normal Rules of Engagement at other times (NRDS in LoSec, NBSI in Null).

If you or someone you know are interested in participating in the Guest FC program, please contact Kelduum Revaan for details.

5 thoughts on “E-UNI Launches “Guest Fleet Commander” Program

  1. I also greatly enjoyed listening to the war stories of an old-timer. Makes me glad I made the leap to EVE. Thanks to FeAr for participating and answering the 1000 questions!

  2. she is amazing
    she pvp better then shadoo, and just listening to her telling tales of anciant BoB vs goons wars is like listening to yoda 🙂

  3. What impressed me the most was her total control of the situation during the fleet. It was basically: fit how I tell you, do what I tell you or GTFO. And it really showed results.

    Looking forward to future fleets with Fear as FC.


  4. As an FC used to flying with a really tight team of well conditioned pilots, I must say I was beyond impressed with EvE-Uni’s discipline, willingness to learn and their total faith in me as FC. It made the fleet enjoyable, we managed to kill a Fleet Phoon, Mega, Geddon and couple Tempest with only my Geddon sacrifice as the loss. As I fc’d from my pod in another system they continued to feed me information focus fire on the targets I told them to hit and it was a great success. EVE-Uni deserves props for great people and potentially amazing pvp pilots of the future…Well done all of you!

  5. When’s the next Guest FC going to be announced? Fear is amazing, and she really solved alot of PvP problems and doubts.

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