Entering 2013: A message for our Students

As we begin a new year with EVE University, it is time to reflect upon our past, and look toward our future. We have seen many changes over the last year, seeing a fledgling LSC grow into a great program, a new wormhole campus launch, Project: Solitude grow as a community, a mining camp massacre asteroids by the thousands, and Uni students setting forth into null security space for good fights and laughs. Mechanics core to our lifestyle have changed, major rules have been thrown out or rewritten, and new corp events and interests have developed. I cannot think about how great this last year has been for the health of the Uni, as we continue to evolve to best meet the needs of students.

However, we must make sure that we do not remain stationary. We have to continue to grow, and never lose sight of our focus on new EVE players. When we look at time in EVE University, people often mention the pilots that have left, mourning the loss of their skill, wit, and contribution to our community. However, don’t lose sight of the fact that with each great player that leaves, it isn’t a loss for the University, it is a sign of us achieving a goal; helping new players grow in knowledge until they move on and enjoy the game in other areas. Yes, those pilots brought unique skills and insights to all of us, but the new player that joins today will be doing the same in a few months.

The Managers and Directors of the University are continually thinking of ways we can improve student life, but we cannot do it alone. Without you, this all falls apart. We need you to learn, and then volunteer your time and effort to help the new students. It could be as simple as handing out items from the hangars or isk for skillbooks when a new player needs them, or volunteering to be a PO, Logistics officer, Mentor, or Teacher. All of these are incredibly vital, and without the many students who continually step up to help new players, we could never hope to fulfill our mission. You are our strength.

I look forward to meeting these future challenges alongside all of you, a group of fun pilots in a great community.

Azmodeus Valar

Director of Operations


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