[Soon] E-Uni Smashes RvB

Well, Ok, we haven’t smashed them yet but coming soon the Eve University will be at war.

From Kelduum Revaan


‘EVE University’ vs ‘Red vs Blue’ (aka ‘Purple’)

From Downtime on January 26th, Until downtime on January 29th.

We’ve been speaking with RvB about some more PvP practice, as the last war was a load of fun (mostly) for both sides, with RvB being a great match for the Uni, so E-UNI will be declaring war on them for a short war, from 11:00 EVE time on Thursday 26th until 11:00 EVE time on Sunday 29th.

While there are some restrictions applied beyond the normal Wartime SOP, this is sure to be an entertaining few days.

See the forum post from Kelduum for more information!

1 thought on “[Soon] E-Uni Smashes RvB

  1. The title may be somewhat premature, but we’ll see 🙂

    We had a ton of fun fighting RvB last time, as they were always bringing fleets to come fight us, and were able to match our numbers, while being in it for the good pew-pew rather than attempting to pad killboards like so many others.

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