E-UNI Suspends WSOP

ALDRAT, Metropolis – In a press conference on the morning of September 18, EVE University leadership announced the temporary suspension of its long-standing Wartime Standard Operating Procedures (WSOP), beginning what is expected to be a weeks-long period of hostility in the Metropolis region and beyond.

“It’s time to make a point and for everyone to see how bad it used to be,” declared Kelduum Revaan, CEO of EVE University.  Revaan was referring to the third quarter of YC 108, when two months of war following E-UNI’s evacuation of the Geminate region spurred university leadership to charter the Ivy League alliance and reconsider its response to declarations of war.

Thinking of that time, Revaan recalled, “There were next to no rules, certainly no SOP, and the killboard outside our corporate offices was covered with four to five pages of ship losses per day from a couple of hundred E-UNI members.”

E-UNI Fleet Admiral Silentbrick claimed responsibility for proposing the change in policy. “I believed that too many generations had passed since there had been no SOP, and while many of our students can intellectually understand [the reasoning behind the SOP], they don’t truly know what it’s like otherwise.”

Irdalth Delrar, E-UNI Director of Public Relations, expressed concern with the effect of the policy change on student retention. “The SOP was created because we found that capsuleers were more likely to complete their training when in a controlled environment. Before we had the SOP, wars made our retention rate drop significantly.”

In his announcement, Revaan indicated that the suspension of the WSOP was temporary and that if over 50% of the university membership were to sign a petition for its immediate reinstatement, he would consider complying. Otherwise, the WSOP will remain suspended through October 16.

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