EVE University at War

ALDRAT, Metropolis –¬†Reports are arriving of large battles in the Aldrat system, where EVE University makes its headquarters. A merchant capsuleer, who asked not to be identified to avoid politically compromising his corporation, said that his ship was outside Pator Tech School when an attack began:

“At 14:52 I witnessed a fleet of Reds and Blues come out of warp and destroy a Raven-class E-UNI battleship. In less than a minute an E-UNI fleet arrived and engaged, and there was heavy combat for at least the next couple of minutes, but I didn’t stick around to see how it turned out.”

Battle Over Aldrat IX

Battle outside Pator Tech School, Aldrat IX

CONCORD reports that the Ivy League alliance has declared war on The 0rphanage, BLUE Republic, and RED Federation, and has received declarations of war from Kill It With Fire, Sleeper Social Club, The Devil’s Warrior Alliance, Skunk Works., and others. This sudden increase in hostilities is believed to be a result of E-UNI’s recent suspension of its WSOP.

E-UNI CEO Kelduum Revaan has promised medals of recognition to all students who remain in the University through this time of turbulence, but it remains to be seen how the membership numbers will change even as perennial adversaries Human After All and Veldspar Defence Force have announced they are stepping up recruitment of E-UNI capsuleers who wish to turn against their alma mater.

5 thoughts on “EVE University at War

  1. I like the part where they describe the “Decshield 3.0” Corps as “perennial adversaries”. Who is this Jeb Hataska? He’s a wonderful propagandist. =D

  2. I’ve been having a blast flying with the fleets during all these wars!

  3. Had some good times chasing people around and gate camping in my Merlin. But now that I can fly a Raven I want to get some ISK to fit it nicely.

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