OP GriefSeed: EVE University evicts Public-Enemy allies

On the weekend of the 24th of October, EVE University conducted a three-day operation codenamed “OP GriefSeed” under the command of teaching manager Titus Tallang.

During these three days, a University fleet invaded the wormhole system of J144739 and successfully evicted resident corporation Hounds of Haides, who University intelligence indicated as having extremely close ties to notorious high-sec wardec alliance Public-Enemy, going so far as to shelter ships belonging to that alliance within their POS shields for prolonged periods of time on multiple occasions.

Over the course of the operation, upwards of 4.5 billion ISK in hostile assets were destroyed.

A full AAR for the operation is publicly available on the EVE University forums:
Law of Cycles: GriefSeed no more

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