The all new EUni Podcast is now live!


EVE University is pleased to bring you the first ever Podcast. Your hosts Kazon Necht and Danielle en Divalone will host a podcast every three weeks that centers around EVE University and the Newer Player Experience. Each podcast will features various guests from the University and EVE in general as we explore different areas of the University and how they impact EVE in general. We will also discuss the most recent release as well as the upcoming patch announcements which will also focus on how it affects the newer player experience and EUni members in general.

We are excited to have our first show center around introducing EVE University to the playerbase as well as introducing our CEO Azmodeus Valar to those who serve with him in the University and ILN. We ask Azmo questions about himself and his time in EVE, his ambitions with the Uni going forward and then we take time to analyze the upcoming patch, Phoebe, and how it will affect our players.

Please check out for more information and the most recent podcast release!

Thanks and fly safe!

Kazon Necht and Danielle en Divalone

2 thoughts on “The all new EUni Podcast is now live!

  1. This is a great thing. It would be nice to have a link we can subscribe to as a podcast, e.g. with iTunes or a phone. I think that requires an RSS feed.

  2. Is there only one podcast episode?

    I hope not. 🙁

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