Operation Dragonslayer

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On August 26th Eve University, known for large fleets comprised of frigates and cruisers, dusted off their larger ships for a massive fleet operation. Taking almost an hour to organize the fleet composition and structures they quickly undocked from station and headed out in search of a “dragon”.  This was a rare display of large ship composition that is rarely seen flying in New Eden by our pilots.  Knowing what our targets were the FC took the time to review fits he had listed in the doctrine and instruct new Unistas how to be effective in a large engagement as we traveled in space.

Fleet Undock

After finding some minor engagements in lowsec the decision was made to head into nullsec space. It was quickly apparent that we were in the right place as our scouts quickly narrowed down locations of various targets within striking distance. Noticing a gang of small ships our FC decided to engage when suddenly a Battleship Gang appeared on grid. Warping in and landing on them they quickly began the engagement attacking one of our ships as the battlefield was bathed in flash of brilliant light.  When the light faded 2 Carriers and 2 Dreadnaughts were positioned on the field.

At this point our full fleet arrived on grid much to the surprise of our targets. While our neuters went to work and HIC engaged his bubble, our FC started his target calling. Quickly the enemy ships were burned down and we focused on our primary targets. Knowing the carriers would be in triage the first was neuted and engaged. In under a minute it was gone… The Revelation and Moros followed by the last archon exploded soon after.  Without cap and in a bubble the fate of these magnificent ships was sealed. We are proud of the performance of our pilots who took part in this engagement and must also salute our targets for taking the fight and showing great sportsmanship. You can find the full battle report on our Killboard.

2 thoughts on “Operation Dragonslayer

  1. Was an absolute pleasure to be on this fleet as a logistics I was well involved in the action and as a newer player I couldnt ask for more thank you again FC.

  2. The killboard link is taking me to a battle with RvB. Is this just my computer?

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