Office of the CEO

Azmodeus Valar

Today the CEO of Eve University announced an upcoming week of flying friendship for Eve University. In the words of our CEO…

“Starting this Saturday we will be having a week long event…  Beginning this Saturday, August 31st – September the 7th we will be having “Fly With Friends” week. This entire week the University will be suspending all rules on mixed-fleets for PVP or PVE operations.”

Our directors are quick to point out that all Eve University members are still to hold to the rules of the University and obey the Rules of Engagement at all times.  He also wished all pilots to have fun with this event and be responsible.  Essentially this will be a test of multiple items as the University Management holds internal talks on rules and engagements in various areas around New Eden.  Students and Directors alike are extremely excited and we look forward to updating you on new developments as they happen.  Keep checking back as we start bringing you the latest updates and news on Eve University.

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