Uni Students go POS Hunting When Wartargets Fail to Show

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS – Classes were suddenly disrupted on the 14th of July as Black Water Mercenaries declared war against Ivy League, marking the first war for many students. Excitement faded further as enemy war targets failed to show.

Not one to waste a war, Uni leadership took the time to plan a field trip against old enemies – Adventures of the Gummi Bears [AOGB], war targets of a previous war. The Gummi Bears had been discovered with a sizable industrial presence in wormhole space – 17 Player Owned Structures (POSes) – large, shielded towers that protected industrial modules, ships and equipment within the protective bubble.

The result? A stunningly successful and educational operation that resulted in 9.5 billion ISK in damages and the destruction of all Gummi POSes. Continue reading

“Dragonslayer VI” Anti-Capital Op Returns Successful

A Uni fleet completing a jump during the Dragonslayer op

A Uni fleet completing a jump during the Dragonslayer op

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS – July 10/11th – An Eve University fleet of 163 students returned victorious from “Dragonslayer VI” an anti-capital low sec op, which began in the late hours of the tenth of July, having destroyed an Amarr Archon class carrier.

EUNN Reporter Zer0 Lantern tells the story:

It was happening again, the regular silence becoming an almost predictable affair – I myself was going over my ship this last week, checking and re-checking. I prepared a spare ship, just in case. Another ‘Dragon Slayer’ operation was going to
happen tonight, this time the pressure was on – the even numbered Dragon Slayer Ops were rumoured to be cursed with failure.

Many Unistas having missed out on epic adventures of past glory showed up in numbers this time, most obvious in the final line-up – the fleet was numbered over 163 pilots. All armed to the teeth and hungry for some dragons. Continue reading

Recruitment Reforms in Response to Aldrat Applicant Spill

A Recruitment Officer prepares to call some more interviews in the lobby of the Eve Uni Public Channel

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS – Unrefined students continue to spill into Aldrat after a massive applicant explosion occurred last month, but hope is on the horizon given the announcement of a series of reforms announced to deal with the issue.

The incident recently came to a head when the University Warbots owned by Fleet Admiral Silentbrick finally ran out of ammunition.

With active queue numbers regularly reaching above 50, and the total queue size extending to over 800, Recruitment Manager Darian Reymont announced a set of overhauls aimed at dealing with the queue once and for all.

These reforms centre on a five major changes aimed to allow easier processing of the spill.

1. The creation of Assistant Recruitment Managers to deal with managerial bottlenecks.
2. Increased Recruitment Officer feedback in the form of stat tracking and monthly staff meetings.
3. Increased departmental and morale boosting events.
4. Greater accountability and a mandatory recruitment quota for Recruitment Officers
5. A new rewards and recognition system for the performance of Recruitment Officers

Victorious E-UNI Fleet Downs Carrier

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS An E-UNI fleet of 144 students successfully returned victorious, destroying a Caldari Chimera class carrier after an anti-capital low sec op – “Dragonslayer V” – begun in the late hours of the 3rd of July. Our ever bold Uni management, spearheaded by a Fleet Commander (FC) who wishes to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation, decided to mount a ‘Dragonslayer’ operation to try and remove some of the pirate controlled Carrier class capital vessels that have been menacing legitimate traffic in the low sec Metropolis region. Excitement was building throughout Eve Uni as the op approached, and eager rookies and bored vets alike looked forward to the chance to venture into low sec in force. A sizable fleet was gathered, amid much secrecy, with enough heavy damage dealing ships to deal with even a well defended capital. For many unistas, this would be their first experience with massive fleets “When I finally arrived at the meeting point it was, no, I have no words for it, I was simply struck with awe.” commented student reporter Zer0 Lantern. The Uni fleet aimed for a stealthy approach, garnered surprising little attention as it moved. Indeed, EUNN reporters continue to remain baffled at the ability of a crowd of bloodthirsty rookies to remain silent for more than five minutes. Advance groups moved ahead of the fleet, investigating popular pirate hangouts, which were found to be disappointingly (and surprisingly) free of unsavoury sorts.]]>

Eve University Reaches 1,500 Members

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS: Earlier today, shortly after 19:30 on July 5th, the Recruitment Officers (ROs) of Eve University accepted the days eleventh interviewee, bringing the corporation to 1,500 active members – a new record in its 6 year history.

While Eve University has reached as high as 1,800 members in the past, its policies on inactive students (who enrol only for their attendance to drop off) recently changed. This had the effect of reducing the membership significantly, while lightening some administrative overheads and promoting more activity from its members.

The increase in membership is believed to be linked to the recent ‘Planetary Interaction‘ guides, produced by the corporation’s special ‘PI Taskforce’, who worked tirelessly to provide full and detailed documentation on the new mechanics before they were finalised and opened to the general population. The release of this, and the associated video guides, have proven to be very popular with the capsuleers of New Eden, accounting for the majority of the traffic on the UniWiki in the past month.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the tireless work of the corps Recruitment Department, who’s RO’s work tirelessly to interview and vet potential members. We spoke to Darian Reymont, Recruitment Manager and Acting Director of Personnel about their work: “The majority of them are working hard, given the time of year.”, referring to the recent national holidays, “I expected their work rates to drop some over the summer months but they have really exceeded my expectations”.

Unfortunately we have been unable to directly contact Eve University CEO Kelduum Revaan for comment as of yet, but he has provided a statement, mentioning that he is “delighted to see the University continuing to grow, [and looks forward to] setting new milestones with the assistance of the wider community [passing on] the word of our existence and success to new and existing pilots.”

Six Years of Eve University

Six Years of Eve University
Six years ago today on March 15th 2004, Eve University was founded by Morning Maniac, who stepped down earlier this year after years of hard work. For those who don’t know us by name, chances are that you have encountered more than a few ex-E-UNI members, and have flown with or against them, as we have alumni throughout Eve in pretty much every major alliance or sizeable corporation. We have been described as one of the few truly altruistic corporations in New Eden – we take new players and teach them what is necessary to survive and be successful in Eve with support such as lessons, events, guest lectures, ships and modules, skillbooks, forums and a wiki crammed full of information. In the last 6 years since E-UNI was founded, a great deal has changed in Eve. Back then, New Eden was a very different place – there were no alliances and sovereignty, no mining barges, destroyers or battlecruisers, no capital ships, no faction ships, modules or ammo, wormholes and exploration didn’t exist, there were no deadspace complexes, no level 4 or 5 missions, no epic arcs and no factional warfare. There were only eight races to choose from, and Eve itself was substantially smaller. The drone regions were closed to players, and there was no Black Rise region. The skill queue, rigs and invention were a long way from existing, and there was no API – not to forget the introduction of warp to 0. Those changes were significant in terms of gameplay and how Eve developed, but throughout these six years, one thing has remained constant – there are always new players, and there is always more to learn. We still see the same sort of questions from the new players which we did all those years ago, but with more complexity within Eve comes questions on broader subjects: “Can I pod someone who has a bounty?”, “What happens if someone steals my loot?”, “How does this work?”, “Is this a good fit for a cruiser?”, “What is the best ship?”. While they initially seem simple, they lead to much more complex questions, many of which can’t really be answered by guides and howtos, and require direct experience to answer fully. With an estimated 10,000 pilots passing through our doors since we opened, (over 1,700 of those in the last 6 months alone), we have members and alumni in over 2,500 cities across more than 80 countries worldwide. This volume of membership is possible due to the way E-UNI is set up, with members assisting each other, and the vast majority of costs being paid for by donations we get from various donors all over the Eve universe, who we would like to thank for their generosity and support. E-UNI is more than just a corporation though, it is a true community, and even the newest member can help out, by answering the questions of fellow members. Very often alumni stick around after they graduate and have moved to other corporations – in doing so they bring some significant knowledge of areas we can’t cover directly, such as nullsec politics, and the darker sides of Eve. (continued…)
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