Eve University – As Recommended by PC Gamer Magazine

PC Gamer magazine in the US has a round-up of MMOs, and of course includes Eve Online, which gets a glowing write up, with the verdict:

An always surprising, delightfully deep player-driven experience awaits those dedicated enough to learn its intricacies.
Of special note for us however is the “How Should I Start?” box, which says:
Get connected with EVE University, an in-game group of friendly veterans that take new players under their wing and teach them the ropes. Visit www.eve-ivy.com or simply join the chat channel “E-UNI” in-game to get in contact with a representative.
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Welcome to E-UNI, PC Gamer readers! Thanks to E-UNI student Din Chao for the tip off.]]>

Eve University Founder Steps Down as CEO

Official Eve University Press Statement – For Immediate Release Many of you know Eve University as the new player training corporation which was founded almost six years ago by Morning Maniac. We have spent that time teaching new players in all aspects of Eve, and helping them on their way in New Eden to become successful pilots, freely providing information, skillbooks, ships, modules and various other resources. On February 1st, Morning Maniac will officially step down as CEO, replaced by Kelduum Revaan, current Director of Operations.

Statement from Morning Maniac, Eve University Founder and CEO Five years and 11 months ago I founded Eve University to create a place where new players could get together and be appreciated for who there were. Classes and doing things together were important but nothing was, and is, more important than the positive attitude towards new players. In the first three years I clocked about 4000 hours logged-in in the service of the University. After some real life changes my available free time was greatly reduced but I could rely on a great team of directors and managers to run the Uni. In the last three years I was mainly concerned with extinguishing fires and the occasional directorship drama, but fortunately for me and everyone involved these issues have become less frequent and intense. The current leadership is stable and doing well, and they seem to share my vision of what the University should be and they work hard to shape it as such, with all the limitations of the game and the people in it. More changes in my real life have resulted in even less Eve time and as a result I feel now removed from the game. Because of that I have decided that it is in the best interest of Eve University that I resign from my CEO position. I have asked Kelduum to succeed me and he has accepted the job. What does this mean for the University and its members? Well, nothing. It means that now the formal power will be with the person who has already been in charge for a long time. I trust that Kelduum and the rest of the leadership will continue to run and build the University as they have done in the past. If they should decide to take another route then that’s fine too. As for me? I hope to stay a member of the University. If and when I have time I would like to log in and just join the chat with the new guys. The enthusiasm of new players is what I always enjoy most about EVE. Besides, there is always a lot to learn in Eve. Finally, I would like to thank everyone for putting your trust in me. When I founded the Uni I had no idea where it would go. Where we are today is far beyond anything I could have imagined. I have learned so much, I have met amazing people and had a great time. All thanks to you, members past and present of Eve University.
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University Queues Threaten Aldrat

“Despite our best efforts to regulate traffic, unless we are given the authority to take extraordinary measures, Aldrat is at risk of becoming another Jita. Applicants to Eve University are currently stacked ten ships deep in holding patterns around Aldrat IX, and the situation is becoming worse every day. Accidental collisions between vessels are up 200% in the past month, cases of space rage have resulted in 52 deaths, and our analysts predict that by this time next year the queues will be backing up to Hek. (more)]]>

Forum upgrade

Forum should be up soon. I knew things were going to well… Got a problem, something is buggy with the calendar. Gonna check a few more things but I may just open the forum with the calendar not working properly. Calling things a night, new forum is up, sorta, you should all be able to use it. I’ll continue working on in when I’m awake again. Oh new link for forum aswell 🙂 Click to your right!]]>

Hostage Crisis Near Hardbako

Reports of a hostage situation began to trickle out of Battlegroup 1 earlier today as an unnamed E-UNI member was being held in a wormhole space against his will.The trapped pilot had jumped into the wormhole to practice scanning, but was prevented from leaving by a pair of drakes, a cheetah and a hound class vessels, who had set up a ‘bubble camp’ on the exit from w-space to Hardbako, and the would-be kidnappers used local to attempt to ransom 50M ISK from the Unista. That opportunistic decision turned out to be a costly mistake…

Eve Uni Agrees To End It

[i]KORSIKI, THE FORGE ALDRAT, METROPOLIS[/i] – July 21st – an announcement was posted informing students and staff that Eve University would be moving the location of the main headquarters from Korsiki, in The Forge Region, to Aldrat, which is located in Metropolis.Korsiki has long been the home of Eve University, one of the most feared anti-merc organizations in the entire Eve galaxy. For years, Eve Uni has helped to guarantee the safety of miners and mission-runners living in The Forge region by antagonizing merc corporations and drawing their fire away from defenseless training organizations such as Seppuku Warriors. “It has been proven time and time again, when mercs are forced to live in constant fear of our dreadnaught fleets, they stay in their stations and POS bubbles.” commented one of the Eve Uni fleet commanders.Eve Uni spies, who have wormed their way into various merc organizations in The Forge region, report that many of the merc pilots are nearly out of Mountain Dew and Hot Pockets. Depressed by the lack snack food, and pale from too much time spent indoors, a few of the merc pilots have been demanding that their leadership loosen wartime rules and give them permission to take one of the last remaining Jump Freighters to Jita to buy moar snacks. Sadly, and much to the dismay of the merc pilots, the leadership has informed them that until the war ends, all merc pilots are to abide by normal Wartime SOP rules which means they remain on lockdown until further notice.When informed of the internal turmoil that Eve University is causing among the large mercenary corporations in the area, Kelduum felt compelled to issue a statement saying, “Eve University would like to offer a sincere apology to the Merc community. It was never our intention to cause so much strife and heartache with our constant griefplay tactics”To view the full article, click the “Read more” link