Recruitment Reforms in Response to Aldrat Applicant Spill

A Recruitment Officer prepares to call some more interviews in the lobby of the Eve Uni Public Channel

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS – Unrefined students continue to spill into Aldrat after a massive applicant explosion occurred last month, but hope is on the horizon given the announcement of a series of reforms announced to deal with the issue.

The incident recently came to a head when the University Warbots owned by Fleet Admiral Silentbrick finally ran out of ammunition.

With active queue numbers regularly reaching above 50, and the total queue size extending to over 800, Recruitment Manager Darian Reymont announced a set of overhauls aimed at dealing with the queue once and for all.

These reforms centre on a five major changes aimed to allow easier processing of the spill.

1. The creation of Assistant Recruitment Managers to deal with managerial bottlenecks.
2. Increased Recruitment Officer feedback in the form of stat tracking and monthly staff meetings.
3. Increased departmental and morale boosting events.
4. Greater accountability and a mandatory recruitment quota for Recruitment Officers
5. A new rewards and recognition system for the performance of Recruitment Officers

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