Victorious E-UNI Fleet Downs Carrier

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS An E-UNI fleet of 144 students successfully returned victorious, destroying a Caldari Chimera class carrier after an anti-capital low sec op – “Dragonslayer V” – begun in the late hours of the 3rd of July. Our ever bold Uni management, spearheaded by a Fleet Commander (FC) who wishes to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation, decided to mount a ‘Dragonslayer’ operation to try and remove some of the pirate controlled Carrier class capital vessels that have been menacing legitimate traffic in the low sec Metropolis region. Excitement was building throughout Eve Uni as the op approached, and eager rookies and bored vets alike looked forward to the chance to venture into low sec in force. A sizable fleet was gathered, amid much secrecy, with enough heavy damage dealing ships to deal with even a well defended capital. For many unistas, this would be their first experience with massive fleets “When I finally arrived at the meeting point it was, no, I have no words for it, I was simply struck with awe.” commented student reporter Zer0 Lantern. The Uni fleet aimed for a stealthy approach, garnered surprising little attention as it moved. Indeed, EUNN reporters continue to remain baffled at the ability of a crowd of bloodthirsty rookies to remain silent for more than five minutes. Advance groups moved ahead of the fleet, investigating popular pirate hangouts, which were found to be disappointingly (and surprisingly) free of unsavoury sorts.]]>

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