Eve University Reaches 1,500 Members

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS: Earlier today, shortly after 19:30 on July 5th, the Recruitment Officers (ROs) of Eve University accepted the days eleventh interviewee, bringing the corporation to 1,500 active members – a new record in its 6 year history.

While Eve University has reached as high as 1,800 members in the past, its policies on inactive students (who enrol only for their attendance to drop off) recently changed. This had the effect of reducing the membership significantly, while lightening some administrative overheads and promoting more activity from its members.

The increase in membership is believed to be linked to the recent ‘Planetary Interaction‘ guides, produced by the corporation’s special ‘PI Taskforce’, who worked tirelessly to provide full and detailed documentation on the new mechanics before they were finalised and opened to the general population. The release of this, and the associated video guides, have proven to be very popular with the capsuleers of New Eden, accounting for the majority of the traffic on the UniWiki in the past month.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the tireless work of the corps Recruitment Department, who’s RO’s work tirelessly to interview and vet potential members. We spoke to Darian Reymont, Recruitment Manager and Acting Director of Personnel about their work: “The majority of them are working hard, given the time of year.”, referring to the recent national holidays, “I expected their work rates to drop some over the summer months but they have really exceeded my expectations”.

Unfortunately we have been unable to directly contact Eve University CEO Kelduum Revaan for comment as of yet, but he has provided a statement, mentioning that he is “delighted to see the University continuing to grow, [and looks forward to] setting new milestones with the assistance of the wider community [passing on] the word of our existence and success to new and existing pilots.”

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