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Article by Hippla Tsero

Getting started with teaching can be daunting. Speaking in front of others is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Speaking in front of others with authority, let alone speaking on a topic that you might be new to you will feel challenging.

Folks that learn with the aim to teach will ask themselves questions such as “How can I best present that knowledge”, which helps significantly to retain knowledge. And just as Albert Einstein said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”, we can take advantage of that.

But you should do it anyway!

Why? Because it’s the best way to learn. Educational research has long shown that teaching is the best way of learning – mainly because you will approach a topic differently when you know that have to hand on that knowledge you later on.

EVE University allows you to engage with a topic, by providing you with slide-decks for 14 CORE classes in addition to a comprehensive UniWiki that has elaborate articles and guides on a wide variety of topics.

In addition, there is a fantastic guides on How to teach for EVE Uni to get you started.

Still in doubt?

Let me share my teaching story for EVE Uni with you!

I got started with EVE at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, when we were forced (allowed) to spend way too much time in front of our computers. I quickly got routed towards running missions at our then High-Sec campus in Amygnon. However, I found those extremely dry and boring and the skill training to get into a Battleship took what felt like 2 years. So I was looking for an alternative activity and a friend I had made early on in the Uni recommended Exploration to me. So here I went, bought myself a Heron and dove into my first wormhole. I obviously forgot to bookmark the exit, despite being told 3 times to not forget it. I think I was just too nervous that someone would blow me up and immediately warped away when I entered it.

After only a few weeks, I had made real bank! I also lost a few Herons but got over it quicker than initially thought. However, when I talked to my friend about my exploration adventures, he mentioned a whole bunch of things I didn’t understand. Scan strength? C1-3 Wormholes? Sansha space? What was he on about? I was just looking for Relic and Data sites.

So I opened the UniWiki and found several pages full of material for hacking, scanning, exploration in Null-Sec etc.

That’s when I decided – let’s put my knowledge to the test. I scheduled a class a week down the road. The date came closer quickly and the day of the class I realised I still hadn’t prepared at all. So here I was, sipping my morning coffee, reading all the material again, going through the slide deck and changing some of it to make it easier on myself. And suddenly it was 18.00 EVE time and I had 8 or 9 people join me for my very first class. I mentioned that it was my first class and everyone was super kind!

It had been only 3 months since I started EVE again and my biggest fear was that I would get questions that I couldn’t answer. But fear not! I had some more experienced players join the class, that helped me out with some of the answers.

After the class, I felt a huge relief and satisfaction. I was able to share some of my knowledge, but most importantly: I knew way more about exploration than just a week before the class, when I had scheduled it. I also realised I had some knowledge gaps that I need to improve upon. But my initial fears were irrational. EVE Uni provides such a nice and inclusive environment, that even a newbro can teach as class. After all, there’s always someone less experienced around in EVE Uni that appreciates having someone take the time and explain a topic to them.

So whether you are new, or you have never liked speaking in front of others – use the opportunity EVE Uni offers by teaching a class (or more!!!). Choose a topic you like but want to upon and challenge yourself to use teaching as a tool for yourself to learn! And most importantly: If you have any questions or fears, simply ask on the EVE Uni Discord. The teaching staff is amazing and will help you in any way they can.

So what are you waiting for?

4 thoughts on “Learn by Teaching

  1. Love this article Hippla, great job,

    As the Teaching manager, we LOVE getting new people stepping up to teach, whether existing EVE Uni members, or external players coming to guest lecture for us. Like you mention, as well as the CORE classes we have immediately available, there’s also about 40 other class slides decks we have access to, so there’s always something available to teach.

    from our perspective, even the newest player has something to pass on to other players and the Teaching Department is here to help support people to make this happen.

    As well as supporting players to learn and also developing your own knowledge, teaching also develops presentation skills (that we all use in life) in a safe, and supportive environment.

  2. Great article and sharing!

    I’m also planning to run a class myself. Looking forward to share what I have learnt so far in Industry.
    Something like “Building your first T2 hull”… The ideia is to go over the many (maybe overwhelming) requirements to build advanced components and tech 2 stuff in general.

  3. I absolutely resonate with your experience! Teaching can be such a rewarding way to solidify your own knowledge while also helping others learn. It’s incredible how much we can grow and learn ourselves through the process of teaching. I admire your courage to step into the role of a teacher, especially in a supportive environment like EVE Uni. It’s reassuring to know that there’s always someone willing to listen and learn, no matter your level of experience. Your encouragement to others to take advantage of teaching opportunities is inspiring – it’s a fantastic way to not only contribute to the community but also to enhance your own understanding. Keep up the fantastic work, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever need support or guidance. EVE Uni sounds like an amazing community, and I’m glad you’ve found such a welcoming space to share your knowledge and continue your learning journey! google

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