Uni Students go POS Hunting When Wartargets Fail to Show

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS – Classes were suddenly disrupted on the 14th of July as Black Water Mercenaries declared war against Ivy League, marking the first war for many students. Excitement faded further as enemy war targets failed to show.

Not one to waste a war, Uni leadership took the time to plan a field trip against old enemies – Adventures of the Gummi Bears [AOGB], war targets of a previous war. The Gummi Bears had been discovered with a sizable industrial presence in wormhole space – 17 Player Owned Structures (POSes) – large, shielded towers that protected industrial modules, ships and equipment within the protective bubble.

The result? A stunningly successful and educational operation that resulted in 9.5 billion ISK in damages and the destruction of all Gummi POSes.

The Uni war machine mobilized, beginning a week long field trip – Uni students would fight, sleep, and resupply in wormhole space. Orders were passed – Laser weaponry preferred. Stock up on ammunition. Prepare for the long haul.

The initial starting fleet numbered over 100 – 60 were battleships, culminating in the high point of the war when Uni CEO Kelduum Revaan asked that the Gummi Bears to apologise for their previous wardec.

They refused.

Uni forces responded by destroying a safe spotted carrier. As Kelduum would later say “It would have been much easier to apologise”

Unlike the Black Water Mercenaries, who were quoted as complaining that uni students were not coming to their home system, the Gummi Bears fought long and hard to protect their assets. Snipers were a constant danger especially for the tackling frigates on guard duty. Gummi forces were especially successful with their hit and run tactics, and hot dropped attack regiments left Uni forces scattering for safety

Logistical staff, scouts and commanders demonstrated their mettle during the operation, coordinating a continuing stream of uni forces entering and leaving through a continually shifting network of wormholes, all while supplying much needed stocks of ammunition and drones.

“Only a single standard led to the success of the operation; Discipline, Selflessness and Dedication. From the newest rookie to the oldest veteran everyone did their jobs. Hour after hour, day after day, assignment after assignment.” stated EUNN Reporter Zer0 Lantern

The true victory was considered by most to be the learning experience. Players who had never been in PvP were leading squads, tackling, dealing with snipers and learning to survive in hostile space. More experienced players gained understanding of logistics, organisation, fleet command and anti POS operations.

To end with a quote from Silentbrick, Eve Uni Fleet Admiral

“The Gummy Bears seem confused as to why we would come to this WH, spend hours and hours killing their towers and attacking them all because they war decced us a year ago. Here’s the answer….

Eve Uni never forgets our friends or our enemies. Gummy Bears were unrepentant about their dec, their desire to kill newbies and pad their killboard.
As always, I have to praise our students, they show patience, discipline and courage in fighting so far from home for long. Such people are the joy that keeps me playing EVE Online.”

EUNN Senior Editor

With contributions from
EUNN Reporter Zer0 Lantern

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