[NEWS] UniWiki Downtime for Software Upgrades

Attention Capsuleers,

As many of you know, for years the UniWiki managed by EVE University has provided capsuleers all over New Eden access to the most comprehensive repository of knowledge on all things New Eden and Anoikis. Thanks to the countless hours of work by volunteers both within and outside (thank you!) EVE University, its archives of information grow every hour. Thank you to anyone that has ever made a wiki edit or contributed to the UniWiki in any way.

On behalf of EVE University, we want to inform you that the UniWiki‘s software will be upgraded by the Information Services Directorate of EVE Uni. As a result, the UniWiki will be offline for up to 48 hours. During this period, you will not be able to access the UniWiki. Please plan accordingly.

Scheduled Downtime:

Scheduled Downtime:

  • Start: Saturday, 22nd, 11:00, at EVE downtime
  • End: Saturday, 22nd, 15:00

The Directorate may postpone the upgrade slot for Sunday, 23rd, with the same start and end timeframe.

It is important to note that in the wake of these upgrades, it is possible that certain Wiki pages may look out of place or suffer broken formatting or appearances. We will do our level best to repair any broken pages as soon as possible, and rely on others to flag these pages to us or roll up their sleeves and get to work themselves. Editing the UniWiki is available to any Capsuleer logging in to the wiki through ESI, regardless of affliations. Those with questions about helping out or wanting to flag broken pages are always welcome to contact Wiki Manager Arin Mara (linked below) or jump into the EVE University Discord to talk to us in our public channels.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope that you continue to enjoy the UniWiki’s unparalleled archives when they get their new coat of paint.

Warm regards,

Communications Manager Amfion Bravais

Wiki Manager, Arin Mara

Communication System Overhaul Complete

Aldrat, Metropolis – The 26th of January YC 113 saw the launch of a new communication system within Eve University. Capsuleers are calling it “Mumble” and are beginning to sing its praise even after such a short time in active service. During its rigorous testing it is said there were some minor technical issues with University students being unable to get the system to function properly, these have since been fixed.

EVE University Satellite Clusters

Eve University Satellite Clusters

The system was also fully stress tested to see how it performs under pressure of large numbers of students using it during wartime, when electronic-warfare is widespread. Reports show that it passed all these tests with flying colours and the University technicians have ironed out all issues which have so far appeared with unquantifiable gusto before letting it enter active service.

The new system is reportedly vastly superior to the aging technology which it has replaced. It includes increased integration into a Capsuleers visual systems while aboard a ship with the name and photograph of who is speaking being displayed in an unobtrusive manner.

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