Communication System Overhaul Complete

Aldrat, Metropolis – The 26th of January YC 113 saw the launch of a new communication system within Eve University. Capsuleers are calling it “Mumble” and are beginning to sing its praise even after such a short time in active service. During its rigorous testing it is said there were some minor technical issues with University students being unable to get the system to function properly, these have since been fixed.

EVE University Satellite Clusters

Eve University Satellite Clusters

The system was also fully stress tested to see how it performs under pressure of large numbers of students using it during wartime, when electronic-warfare is widespread. Reports show that it passed all these tests with flying colours and the University technicians have ironed out all issues which have so far appeared with unquantifiable gusto before letting it enter active service.

The new system is reportedly vastly superior to the aging technology which it has replaced. It includes increased integration into a Capsuleers visual systems while aboard a ship with the name and photograph of who is speaking being displayed in an unobtrusive manner.

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The Last Crusade Declares War

The Last Crusade Declares War Against Ivy League
Sent: 2010.12.28 18:34
The Last Crusade has declared war on Ivy League. Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.

In what analysts are suggesting may be a bad move, the 11 member corporation named “The Last Crusade” have declared war on Eve University, with its member count in excess of 1300 active members, leaving them outnumbered at more than 100:1.

The Eve University membership were expecting hostilities soon, although it was unclear who from, as a ‘Mining Op’ (better known by E-UNI members as a ‘wardec attractor’) had recently been posted on the calendar – this declaration comes into effect at 18:34 on the 29th, just 2 hours before the mining event had been scheduled to begin.

New students are ready and waiting to engage their new wartargets after the last campaign  counted a total of one kill and one loss before the attackers summarily docked up when seeing the typical E-UNI ‘Crowd Tanking’ fleets entering the system, leading to the war being nullified by CONCORD.

As usual, those members who do not plan on participating in this wardec have been cleared to leave E-UNI for the duration, allowing them to continue their typical missions, industry and exploration in relative peace.

It is hoped that The Last Crusade are somewhat more active than the last combatants and will indeed ‘come out to play’, saving the pirates who frequent the losec systems around the E-UNI HQ the usual bored fleets looking for something, anything, to shoot – it is suspected however that this ‘Crusade’ may be one of the attackers last before they succumb to the E-UNI curse.