Communication System Overhaul Complete

Aldrat, Metropolis – The 26th of January YC 113 saw the launch of a new communication system within Eve University. Capsuleers are calling it “Mumble” and are beginning to sing its praise even after such a short time in active service. During its rigorous testing it is said there were some minor technical issues with University students being unable to get the system to function properly, these have since been fixed.

EVE University Satellite Clusters

Eve University Satellite Clusters

The system was also fully stress tested to see how it performs under pressure of large numbers of students using it during wartime, when electronic-warfare is widespread. Reports show that it passed all these tests with flying colours and the University technicians have ironed out all issues which have so far appeared with unquantifiable gusto before letting it enter active service.

The new system is reportedly vastly superior to the aging technology which it has replaced. It includes increased integration into a Capsuleers visual systems while aboard a ship with the name and photograph of who is speaking being displayed in an unobtrusive manner.

There has also been an increase in its functionality with the ability for pilots taking part in fleet operations to talk within their wing and squad, whilst being able to hear the orders of the Fleet Commanders. Lecturers at the university have also already started to use the new system for their classes, and continue to record them for students who were unable to attend, or to access at their pleasure.

For those who were familiar with the old system they will see that the layout of the channels on the new system mirrors that of the old system with designated channels reserved for students and staff members undertaking specific operations.

Unconfirmed figures are showing that more and more students are using the upgraded service each day.

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