Insidious. Declares War on Eve University

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS – Like so many times before Eve University finds itself facing a war – a facet that is now almost daily routine. The aggressors this time are a small alliance called “Insidious.”.
With just 32 members it is still larger than many corporations and alliances which have declared war on the University in recent months, before remaining inside their stations with their tails between their legs, when ILN war fleets turned up on their doorstep.

However reports coming from Intelligence sources are suggesting that the pilots of Insidious are an efficient and well practiced group who over the past week have declared war on a staggering eighteen corporations or alliances. With some of these wars still active, it appears as though Insidious. are looking for as many combat engagements as possible within the borders of Empire Space.
With the war offically going live in the evening of 08.01.YC113, there has been a flurry of activity in the preceeding hours around the Pator Tech School with transport ships hauling war materials into the station in preparation.

Within, campus morale is high with the expectation of some decent fleet engagements in the coming days, and University students actively looking forward to some practical lessons on fleet warfare.

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