Eve University Draws First Blood

EYGFE, METROPOLIS – Early reports are still murky, however there appears to have been a large fleet engagement in the immediate space surrounding the stargate to the Altrinur system in Eygfe. The scene is littered with the gutted hulls of over a dozen vessels – a silent testament to a furious engagement that occured just a few hours ago.

CONCORD DED spokesman Rikhard Kuln called a brief press conference via FTL video link to confirm details on the matter. “DED can at this time confirm that the war declaration by Insidious. on Ivy League came live at approximately 1741 Coordinated New Eden Time. At approximately 2200 an Insidious. fleet was caught between the Eygfe and Altrinur systems in Metropolis, and the ensuing battle resulted in staggering losses of 1.21 Billion ISK.”

Reports from Aldrat indicated that just prior to this time, the Insidious. fleet had been involved in a blockade of the Pator Tech School in Aldrat, attempting to beseige Eve University. The Ivy League Navy,

Insidious Fleet Blockade of PTS - Image Courtesy ILN Records

Insidious Fleet Blockade of PTS - Image Courtesy ILN Records

however, was on it’s toes. Director of Public Relations and High Commissioner for Eve University, Mr. Irdalth Delrar, was briefly available for comment:

“The nature of the conflict with Insidious. permitted this combat action today,” he said. “Previously gathered intelligence had noted that the Insidious. alliance was currently engaged in multiple wars. It was through diplomatic channels that I was able to establish ties with one such alliance, Cloud 7 Nebulosa. Cloud 7 had an active fleet pursuing Insidious. from Hek and it quickly became apparent that we could work together to catch them in an ambush.”

The plan was successful – Fleet Commanders organized a quick response fleet, with numbers nearing 100 active pilots.

Director Delrar shrugged. “It is the nature of the beast. We aim to teach our students all we can, and there is nothing that can be substituted for live combat experience. With the ILN being a completely volunteer based navy, it is difficult to turn down eager participants. The Fleet Commanders pick and choose who they want, and if they have room for more, well, all the merrier.”

The ILN fleet quickly undocked from Pator Tech School and rallied themselves, rapidly organizing and proceeding on the offensive. They finally caught up with the Insidious. fleet in Eygfe and engaged in a large fleet engagement.

Insidious. Armageddon class Battleship In It's Final Moments

Insidious. Armageddon class Battleship In It's Final Moments

Director Delrar read from a datasheet on his desk. “Our losses consisted of seven cruiser sized vessels, and two frigates. Our total losses are estimated to be barely 30million ISK. Additionally, the students who lost their ships successfully maneuvered their escape Capsules to safety. All in all it has proven to be a very educational experience for them, and I am delighted they have gotten this opportunity.”

The traditional transmission of a “good fight” message via local radio broadcast also saw breach, with accusations being made by Insidious. pilots against the ILN for employing unfair tactics in combat. An undisclosed ILN officer had the following to say on the matter:

“It becomes largely irrelevant when complaining is done after the event. Our policies and modus operandi are very clear. We will use overwhelming numbers. We will use Electronic Warfare and Warp and speed disruption to their maximum capabilities. We will starve our enemies of kills. All corporations who declare war on us are first made aware of our SOP, well before the 24 hour warning period before the war ends. Anything further is on their heads.”

The ILN have drawn first blood this day, dealing a major blow to Insidious. It remains to be seen how this first engagement will shape the course of the remainder of the war. While the war itself may be far from over, the battle is won, and there is resounding cheering in the Pator Tech School hangar bays in Aldrat, as ILN and Eve University students notch up kill tallies on the hulls of their ships.

15 thoughts on “Eve University Draws First Blood

  1. Way to go E-Uni! That will teach people looking for an easy fight not to mess with the infamous E-War blobs!

  2. Haha, I love this reporting. Keep it up, Uni reporters!

  3. I like how the dropped loot pays for the losses a few times over. Good job e-uni 🙂

  4. Please come back so I can get on the killboards too!

  5. Brilliant reporting – and it helps that is totally accurate, too! Silly war targets, UNIs are just kids! 🙂

  6. Good job UNI and ILN. Fight the good fight!!

  7. This style of reporting is really great to read. Keep it up please!

  8. This happened just after I got back from a previous fleet and went for a drink while I was docked… You guys… 🙁

    Awesome way to show our enemies what they can expect if they decide to declare war on us though. 😀

  9. Love reading the news and love the reporting style. Keep it up!

  10. I hope they come back, so I will be able to play too.
    Good work, UNI.

  11. You would think with the amount of time Eve Uni has been around that the word would be out there. When the flea bites the dog the flea is gonna get snuffed. Nuf said..

  12. I was there and that makes it so much cooler! Cant wait for more fun !

  13. I was there also! I can say it was a blast. Good reporting I loved every bit of the story!

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