Introducing The New E-UNI Site

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new E-UNI front page, which will hold news from the staff, members and EVE in general, as well as some RP content, and generally cool/amusing EVE things.

The site integrates with the forum, so if you are logged in, you can see how many new forum posts there have been, how many forum messages you have (if any) and what recent topics have been posted.

As well as this, for everyone, logged in or not, it also shows the next few events in the E-UNI calendar, recent kills from the killboard, forum notices as well as Twitter feeds, and a load of other bits and pieces including recent posts to staff blogs.

Comments are open to all registered forum users (click here while in-game to register if you haven’t done so already), and current E-UNI members are welcome to submit content for the site to be reviewed before it is posted.

Expect content to move around a little in the next few days as things settle down, for example the categories – at the moment we have the majority of the content from the old site added, but I am certain there will be things missing in the short term, so please bear with us while that gets added and/or fixed.

PS. If you are a current E-UNI member or alumni, and would like your blog listed in a separate blogroll, please drop me a forum PM with the details and I will set it up.

28 thoughts on “Introducing The New E-UNI Site

  1. Very Cool – Much more functional than the last one

  2. Awesomely super-cool new UNI website! I honestly love everything about it – the look and feel, the useful content, the interactive options – it’s a dramatic improvement. Well done!

  3. Beautiful new website. Great work whoever put this together.

  4. My name is Larsen Knight and I approved this site.

  5. This site is pure awsomeness! Bloggy stuff… My name is Margrat Valiance and I approve Larsen Knight who approved this site.

  6. Looks very nice!

    [Auric Contauran Stamp of Approval]

  7. I really like the new layout. Good job. I know this took allot of work.

  8. Ok, this is AWESOME. Kelduum, you’ve done a great job. (Yes, I’m still out here, just not in the uni at the moment – not up for war).

  9. Looks great, kudos for the team that designed and implemented the new webpage/forums/wiki system.

  10. I love this. Is the RSS feed working? I use the Live Bookmark for RSSs for other sites… but this one says “Failed to load”

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