CCP Games praises EVE University Wiki as a Featured Fansite

In a recent post by CCP Gargant, the EVE University Wiki, also known as the UNIWiki, was identified as a “Featured Fansite”, because of its value to both new and experienced players of EVE Online.

The UNIWiki is a free resource available to anyone. CCP Gargant wrote: “The wiki provides information on almost everything within EVE Online. Epic Arcs, mining, industry, PvP, ship types, Lore, and even scams have a section there, and that is by no means a finite list. I strongly suggest you head on over to see if you find something to your liking.”

Azmodeus Valar, CEO of EVE University, said, “Thanks for all the great words about the wiki. However, we can’t do it alone. We can always use help correcting out of date information, or adding new information.”

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