EVE University Hosts CSM Town Hall: January 19 @ 19:00

Council of Stellar Management

UPDATE: a recording of this Town Hall can now be found here: http://multiplexgaming.com/m/sounds/view/Podside-Town-Hall-420140119

EVE University will host the next Council of Stellar Management (CSM) Town Hall meeting on its public Mumble server on Sunday, January 19th at 19:00 EVE time.

Instructions for access to the UNI public Mumble server can be found here: http://eveuni.org/publicmumble

Each Town Hall is an open forum for the CSM to dialogue with EVE Online players about possible future directions for the game’s development. The CSM is a key stakeholder in CCP’s development process, and represents players’ interests.

This Town Hall will be simulcast by EVE Radio. Participants may submit questions to the CSM during the meeting, using an in-game chat channel.


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