Testing New Waters: NBSI in LowSec and PVP in SovNull

The EVE University will have her 10th birthday on March 15th. The preparations for our birthdays usually end up in some big changes to our rules. Last year was themed “RoE and WSOP Changes”, this year will be no different. Since we’re testing (for us) new waters here, we will start with two 1 month long test phases.

Phase 1 will start on Feburary 15th, Phase 2 starts on our birthday, March 15th.

Phase 1 – Feburary 15th to March 14th – PVP in SovNull Space

Every Unista is free to venture into Sov Null Space to find PVP fights. Before that it was only allowed when you were accompanied by an Officer or a Manager. For this month every Unista can freely roam through Null to find those fights people are talking about. Or kill some ratting capitals. Note: We are (for quite some time) NBSI in NullSec and Wormhole space.

Since neutrality is one of our biggest claims, members of EVE University are only allowed to go to Sov Null to find PVP fights. Excluded are involvement in Sov-Warfare (Structure Shoots, big terretorial fights etc.) and any form of PVE.
After the month we will evaluate our experience and decide if we make this rule permanent.

Phase 2 – March 15th to April 14th – NBSI in LowSec

We will go NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) in Low Security Space for the duration of a month. Every member of EVE University is allowed to shoot neutrals, not matter their setup. We discourage gate camps in entry systems because we do not want to be “those guys”. Our rules of Security Status (-2 and above for roles, -5 immediatly being removed from the corp) will stay, as well as any other rule like “no ransoms” or “treat everyone in and out of corp with respect”.
After the month we will evaluate our experience and decide if we make this rule permanent.

If you are affected by these tests, do not fear!

We have an open Non-Aggression-Pact policy. Every Corporation and Alliance can request to be set +5 to the Uni via this handy form. If you have any questions how this might affect you, join the ingame chat channel Diplomacy.E-Uni and talk to our friendly diplomats.

Pew pew! In Ravens. With Rails. And Lasers.

2 thoughts on “Testing New Waters: NBSI in LowSec and PVP in SovNull

  1. Looking forward to both these events to see how they pan out!

  2. This NBSI in low-sec policy doesn’t work. As a noob, I added E-UNI per the application procedure as high standing. I’m cruising around in low-sec, I see blues in overview, and I’m getting shot at. Everyone in E-UNI is blue for me but I’m not for them and they shoot at me.

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