Kelduum Revaan for CSM7

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Who Am I?

For those who don’t know me, I am Kelduum Revaan, CEO of EVE University for the past two years, and director for more than three years before that. For those not familiar with E-UNI, we are the most successful training corp in EVE and one of the few truly altruistic groups. We provide an assortment of resources to the EVE community, including education and training on various subjects as well as the UniWiki. We are funded primarily from donations from the community, both in time (none of our staff are paid) and other more tangible resources, and our members may stay as long as they want before they move on to other corporations while remaining a part of our community.

During my time with the Uni, I have seen the corp go from a handful of players to over 2,000 active members, and have seen tens of thousands of characters pass through our doors – going on to be everything from alliance leaders to fleet commanders, wormhole dwellers, pirates and industrialists, as well as more than a few well known members of the EVE community.

Personally, I of course started out as a regular newbie, and soon moved to Director of Diplomacy for E-UNI, dealing with more than a few interesting situations; then to Director of Operations, where I took over the leadership reigns of the Uni, helping it grow and dealing with many issues at every imaginable level; and finally to CEO, where I continue to lead the Uni to new strengths.

Outside of EVE I work as a ‘problem solver’ for a small internet provider in the UK, and use my significant experience in both programing and reverse engineering to resolve complex issues, which coupled with many years gaming experience, gives me further insight into how various mechanics interact within EVE.

Why Am I Running For CSM?

This is obviously the popular question. I believe the CSM needs an experienced yet neutral voice to help ensure balance and prevent control of the council from moving to push the agendas of any one player group to the detriment of the rest of the player base.

As it stands, CCPs recent refocusing on ‘Flying In Space’ and solving long older problems is a massive improvement over how things were this time last year, but it is important to ensure they continue on this path in a way that is even and balanced, maintaining and improving on existing systems in a way that benefits all players of all play-styles.

What makes EVE special is its community, which makes the universe both harsh and unforgiving, where the far side of every gate could see you in a new clone; whilst also being a catalyst for events like FanFest and other player meet-ups where bitter enemies can swap stories over a drink. However this community has a fragile balance which risks being disrupted if the CSM is populated by single-focus candidates.

With my experience and knowledge of the underlying mechanics of EVE, years of practice dealing with vastly differing viewpoints and a commitment to hear all sides before making any decisions, technical background, not to mention the thousands of alumni throughout the community who stay in contact with us, I feel I have the experience to be a valuable member of the CSM and serve the greater EVE community.

Why Should You Vote For Me?

  • I represent a neutral and balanced power, with nothing for myself or my corporation to gain from shifting the balance in EVE.
  • I have a proven track record of dispute resolution with hostile parties, collating all available information before making a decision.
  • I understand existing game systems very well, including the lesser understood and more complex ones such as corporation mechanics.
  • You think that overall EVE is not terminally ‘broken’ barring a few areas, and feel that CCP should continue iterating on existing mechanics and improving them, rather than diversifying into different systems which spread their focus.


Want More info?


As mentioned in the EVE forum thread, if you have any other questions, please feel free to post them there and I will answer them, or alternatively you can use my Formspring account to ask anonymously and I will post them here.

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