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Quite a few people have asked where I stand on a few different things, so I went though http://swiftandbitter.com/eve/wtd/and put some responses together. If you want more info, or something I haven’t covered, feel free to ask your question via my formspring account.

Covered in this section is the Corp interface and Customizable UI.

Corp Interface

Its clear for anyone who has tried to use this that it requires a massive amount of reworking, from titles to hangars and wallet divisions. This would obviously be a major project, and touch on many areas of EVE, and proper and logical documentation would go some way toward making social groups at least appear somewhat safer.

Customisable UI

Customizable UI stuff, I’m not certain on – it really depends just how much work would be involved for CCP vs the result, especially as it would generate more bug reports for UI things as everything has to work with English, German, Russian and Japanese now, plus improving the UI for everyone would probably be quicker and easier.

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