Where I Stand – PvE

Covered in this section are the various PvE aspects: Missions, Incursions, Ratting, Wormholes & Exploration, Static Complexes & Cosmos


EVE needs more mission content, that is quite clear. However, it also needs something to make the missions more interesting, for example dynamic missions with randomly generated locations, rats, objectives and Sleeper/Incursion AI. Similarly, something like player-generated missions could really help with adding new content, but would need player-friendly tools, and its not clear how the content team in CCP construct missions.


These are generally OK, but could likely use a little balancing at the moment. Things like adding more separate but shorter incursions and adding gates restricting ship types could help, as well as boosting rewards for losec/nullsec to improve the traffic there. I would also expect CCP to perform some kind of ‘balancing’ at some point which would limit the amount of time the mothership sticks around once it spawns.


Ratting needs some work, as its pretty much only very casual PVE. Going back some years, rats used to drop mission logs, which vaguely pointed to deadspace sites, so having exploration-style ‘escalations’ drop from rats would be a good way to iterate on this, and make ratting useful for something other than raising sec status in losec and null.

Wormholes & Exploration

Exploration has had a fair bit of work recently, but like most other things could use more varied content including more difficult sites, and boosting the rewards for normal exploration sites in losec, could help improve usage there. Wormholes in general are fine barring needing more content and corp/POS mechanic issues, but improving Sleeper AI could make sites more challenging.

Static Complexes & Cosmos

Again, these could use some iteration, Cosmos especially as nothing has happened for far too long with it and the rewards are no longer worthwhile. For example, making Static Complexes act more like exploration sites (so they despawn/respawn once completed), however they should still be located in the same general area.

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