Where I Stand – PvP

Covered in this section are the various PvP aspects: Faction Warfare, Losec & Piracy, Nullsec, Wardecs, Scamming, Grief/Ganking.

Faction Warfare

Like wardecs below, I’m pleased to see this is getting some work. Its impossible to say what CCP plan to do with it, but adjustments to make it more friendly to ‘casual’ or ‘entry-level’ PVP would be a good move. There have been a few suggestions about reducing/removing/restricting the opposing faction loss from the structures, which may be a nice incentive.

Losec & Piracy

Piracy needs targets, and said targets need a reason to go to losec other than people wanting them to so they get blown up. Increasing the rewards overall in losec (rats, missions, Incursions) would promote traffic, and fixing the bounty/kill rights systems would help also.


At present nullsec does need a little work, specifically something to drive conflict and keep things moving, preventing space becoming stagnant – a few suggestions I agree with (in principal) are shifting resources, depleting moons, or sovereignty based simply on usage. Overall however, I feel the mechanics are okay and I don’t see any major problems with it other than the ongoing supercap proliferation, which is another problem altogether.


The wardec systems clearly need a rewrite, both eliminate the existing loopholes in them as well as encourage PvP against groups who can/will fight. I’m pleased to hear that this is something which is being worked on by CCP.


Scamming is fine, and one of the things which makes EVE what it is. It would be nice to see mechanics which allow more interesting and involved scams, but these are always hard to ‘support’ while fixing UI problems.


Like scamming, griefing and ganking are things which makes EVE what it is. The recent changes to insurance for suicide ganking have balanced that pretty well, so I don’t see any need to change how those mechanics work at the moment.

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