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Amarr Championships: Final Round

by on 2016.04.21, under News


The final round of the Amarr Championships are rapidly approaching, with EVE University’s own Kelon Darklight competing as a house champion.


Kelon’s team dominated the first rounds of the competition, and will be finishing his road to victory Friday, April 22nd, at 17:00 Eve Time.

Make sure you tune in via CCP’s twitch to watch the action.


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by on 2016.03.26, under News

One week ago, EVE University declared war. Our will was strong, our minds were clear, and our goal was simple; retribution.

The PIRAT alliance had been a frequent opponent of ours, often declaring “war” in order to strike at those engaged in commerce at major trade hubs. We entered this week intending to teach PIRAT what war meant, and they received a full and bloody education. Soon, groups such as A Few Brave Men  granted us their aid in this endeavor.

PIRAT, like many “high sec mercenaries”, uses out of corp income to support their operations. The Lizaveta Corporation was one of these money making operations, with a significant number of  Player Owned Customs Offices (POCO)  scattered through space generating tax revenue. After one week of of War E-Uni with the support of A Few Brave Men destroyed 185 POCOs.

Through intel gathered by many, pieced together by White 0rchid, and put into action with the help of people like Gareth Correlian, Mattikus Pathfinder, Jefferson Spence, Kyle Hargrove, Kara Burnett, Frozen Adler, Tusoro Tsero, and many others, we have struck a decisive blow against our enemy. Not only did we destroy 185 POCOs, but we have decisively engaged them in a major battle. That battle showed PIRAT and their friends the danger of facing a militant EVE University when supported by our many friends across New Eden, and it was an expensive lesson for them.

While we have named specific people for their contribution and cited specific battles one, the accomplishments of this week are not measured in isk and destruction. The true heroes of this week are not the organizers, fcs, or management. The true heroes of this week are the countless students and staff who have dedicated their time and ammo in common cause. None of this is possible without the participation and assistance of all of us. The true meaning of this week was not war, but community, and what we can accomplish as a group. Over this week new people have come together, created new experiences, and formed new bonds. And though we now return to normal life, with many of us scattering to our own smaller section of space, the memory of what we have accomplished will remain.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

We are EVE University.

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Kelon Darklight Victorious

by on 2015.11.15, under News

In an amazing string of battles, Kelon Darklight’s team has emerged with a perfect 5-0 record from the latest rounds of the Amarr Championships.

He will be one of the two finalists competing at fanfest to determine the next Amarrian Emperor.

Join me in congratulating him and his team for a tremendous performance.

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Kelon Darklight Victorious in Round 1

by on 2015.11.08, under News

In the first round the the Amarr Championship, Kelon Darklight’s team soundly defeated their opponent.  Their missile spewing legion made short work of the enemy confessors, leaving just the enemy legion to destroy. It put up a valiant effort, but eventually melted under the sustained dps.

Congratulations on the first win, and tune in at 19:00 at CCP’s Twitch for the next fight.

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Cheer on Kelon Darklight

by on 2015.11.04, under News

The Amarr Championships are coming, and one of EVE University’s own is participating.

The first round of fights begins on November 8th, with Kelon Darklight’s team fighting at 16:40 in the 11th match vs Chessur.

The match will be streamed via CCP’s Twitch. Make sure you tune in and watch.

More information about the Championships can be found here.

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Tyrian Trophy II – An RvB and Eve-UNI Tournament

by on 2015.10.19, under Events, News

Alliance Logos

On the weekend of the 21/22 November 2015, EVE University will be taking part in the Tyrian Trophy II, a double elimination tournament arranged by RvB, with 5-man teams made up of pilots from all three involved corporations: EVE University, Red Federation and Blue Republic.

There are over 25 billion ISK in prizes already available, with more expected to be announced. There are no SP or pilot age requirements, and teams will be made up of both battle-hardened veterans and the newest of the new pilots fighting together.

You can find the full rules and sign-up threads on either the RvB forums here, or the E-UNI forums here.

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by on 2015.07.27, under News


In August, there will be an exciting series of free-for-all tournaments for members of EvE University! If you’ve never participated in this type of event before, you don’t want to miss out. Win or lose, everyone involved is sure to have a lot of fun fighting to be the last man standing!

On August 8th at 02:00 Eve Time, all EvE Univeristy pilots who are approximately six months or younger will have a chance to hone their skills and learn how FFAs work, in the Last Newb Standing frigate tournament.

On August 22nd & 23rd is the big event: a Battle Royale open to ALL members of EvE University. On the first day there will be two fights: frigates and then destroyers. On the second day, the big guns come out: cruisers, and finally battle-cruisers!

Currently, thanks to the generous donations of your fellow E-Uni pilots, the total prizes for all events is somewhere over  billion ISK! That’s right. E-i-g-h-t-b-i-l-l-i-o-n! But remember, while the prizes are great they are not our primary goal. The purpose of these events is for all of us to come together as a corp, and have some fun, and participate in something special.

Please click the links above for more details.


Posted on behalf of Jindo Lee

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