EVE University Loses A Friend

On September 18th, 2022, the members of EVE University commemorated the passing of a fellow corp member, Ergan Eto.  He had been battling stomach cancer for some time, and passed on September 3rd, 2022 at the age of 70. 

Ergan joined EVE University on January 31, 2019, and quickly became a prominent member who was well-known for his kindness, patience, positive attitude, and commitment to helping others.  He was a fixture of the High-Sec Campus, always willing to give advice and share his knowledge of EVE, all the while chatting about life and sharing his puns and unique sense of humor.  For many, he was a significant part of their first steps in EVE University and New Eden, and left a deep impression on their experiences within the game.  To those who knew him well, he was a mentor and dear friend. 

Ergan was posthumously awarded the EVE University Professor Medal, and was made an Honorary Member of EVE University in perpetuity.  The corporation refinery in Brellystier was also renamed the “Ergan Eto Library” in his honor.

To celebrate his life and commemorate his passing, a fleet set out from the EVE University headquarters in Stacmon on September 18th, at 18:00 EVE Time, and traveled together to the player memorial in the Molea system.  Comms were fairly quiet and somber as the group made the forty-three jumps from system to system.  After arriving in Molea, the fleet set up at range from the memorial and took turns speaking about their friend.  They spoke about the impact he had on them, and told stories about those moments with Ergan they cherished the most.  Many were unable to hold back the tears, and their voices frequently faltered as they tried to express how much he meant to them, and how much he would be missed.  Even those who didn’t know Ergan well were deeply moved by the experience.

The Molea Fallen Capsuleers Memorial was added by CCP in July of 2020.  It was initially a role-play site where players left in-game corpses, but over time it became a place where players left messages attached to cans to commemorate their friends and family members who had passed away.  The monument consists of three large earthen columns which surround a sculpture of two figures leaving a pod in a ray of light shooting toward the heavens.

Also in attendance were Ergan’s two sons, who are not EVE players themselves, but created an account just for this occasion.  They spent the previous day in-game with a member of EVE University learning the basics of fleet travel, so they could join the procession and be with those who wished to honor their father.   His son Drewzy spoke at length about how much the EVE community meant to his father, and how touched he and his brother were by the in-game ceremony and the outpouring of support and emotion.  He also talked about the positive influence his father had on his own life, and shared his own stories that reinforced what everyone already knew; that Ergan Eto was a kind, caring, and deeply compassionate man.  He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

Fireworks filled the sky, and then the fleet moved to a low-sec system to light cynos in remembrance of Ergan, and all our EVE friends who have been lost.  

Eyes forward, capsuleer, the cyno is not yet lit.
Consider your modules, your rigs and ammo before you undock, for the cyno is not yet lit.
Break free of the station and witness the universe before you, for the cyno is not yet lit. 

Set your ship to fly through the vastness while you wait, for the cyno is not yet lit.
Pay attention, capsuleer, for those who have gone before you call for you to join them.
The cyno is now lit.
– Poem by Dranchella

2 thoughts on “EVE University Loses A Friend

  1. That is a beautiful tribute to a fellow Unista and friend. Thank you.

    Friendship is the best ship o7

  2. Ergan was probably my closest friend here in the Uni back in my time as a member and player. We spent many an hour mining moon ore in Jufvitte. Ergan and I were close in age and shared many life experiences and opinions being definitive “Boomers”. I recall him talking about his sons, he was a proud Papa. Daily he would log off to feed his dogs and himself always reporting on whatever fine meal he had prepared. I was hoping to renew our friendship now on my return to Eve, that is not to be and New Eden will be the sadder for it. I will miss you old friend.

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