CSM 16 Elections

The candidates for the CSM 16 have been announced yesterday on CCPs stream.

EVE University would like to wish every candidate good luck for their campaign! As always, we remain neutral and therefore do not endorse or field any candidate for the election.

Read the statement to our members by CEO Jilokari Kurvora below:

CSM stands for Council of Stellar Management. It is a group of players who are voted into the position, liaise with CCP as advocates for the player base. CCP consults the CSM on game features and takes their input into consideration. 

Every player has their own interests and biases, which is good when providing feedback to CCP from a wide range of playstyles. But it does mean that it is in your interests to ensure your own playstyle is represented by someone on the CSM. This is why I would really encourage members to read up on the CSM candidates and cast their vote when the voting opens. 

A lot of the major nullsec blocs do bulk voting by asking all their members to vote for a particular candidate. While a few alumnus of EVE University may be running for CSM this year, as always EVE University does not endorse, or ask our members to vote for any one candidate. We think you should make up your own mind on the best candidates to represent you and your individual playstyle.

Campaigning will now take place until the 4th June 2021. Take a look at this year’s candidates and what they stand for

Voting will open on 8th June 2021 for one week (closing on 15th June 2021). 

Voting is done by a Single Transferable Vote. This means you can select up to 10 candidates, in order of preference. Your vote is transferred to the next as the candidates are either elected or eliminated. 

Before the voting period opens we recommend that you do some research into the candidates – read their forum threads, listen to any interviews they do over the coming weeks and most importantly when the time comes, go out and exercise your space democracy.