[Player Story] A Newbro’s Tale #3

A short tale by EVE University’s Doctor Taunu – full credit to them.

My career as an explorer surely but steadily advances. The training of the last few skills to fly a fully fledged Buzzard instead of my trusty fledgling Heron are almost at an end. I would fly it into a sun as a goodbye, but it will reside in my hangar instead.

With this advancement in skills also comes an advancement in experience. Scanning a system down takes less time, the hacking game is becoming increasingly easy. But wealth is a hit or a miss. My usual point of entry is an empty system in high sec, but more often than not is the wormhole at the other end plundered, leaving only some tunnels to the next pocket in J-space.

So, time for a strategy change: on to low sec to venture forth from there. And yes, first try, great findings! I started my chain of wormholes. I paused, if only briefly, to marvel at monolith floating in space, full of stars. I collected a nice 75 million, and as that felt quite enough, I went to a nearby station, calling my hauler and trader alt. She flew to my current system, where a nice contract was waiting for her. She picked up the goods, and flew back home.

That was the plan. That monolith was a bad omen it seems. At one of the waypoints in low sec, a squad of Catalysts was camped where a moment ago space was empty. A skirmish so it appeared. But I needed to pass, and I tried for the next system. Tried is the key word here, as right when I uncloaked and started accelerating, I was held down by a few tracking beams. It spelled my doom. My loot, my Sunesis, and my trusty pilot went up in flames.

I mourned the loss of the ship and of the cargo.

Next time I’ll slip away before their eyes. But for now, they got their spoils, just as I will from the next exploration.

[Player Story] A Newbro’s Tale #2

A short tale by EVE University’s Doctor Taunu – full credit to them.

Having survived my previous ordeal as an explorer, I got the taste of the thrill in danger. With my newfound wealth, I upgraded to Sister’s Core Probes and Relic II and Hacking II analyzers.

I set out with a plan: enter a wormhole from low sec, go to a safe spot in the system and… log off. I wanted to be sure that I could not return to where I entered. And I did, right before the 11:00 shutdown.

I returned later that evening. And yes, my entry wormhole ended its lifetime, but my adventure had just begun. Scanning actually proved that there was an exit to high sec, but some freighter was going back and forth rolling the entrance. I presumed this wormhole was their home, and they wanted to keep it that way. Further evidence was that this wormhole had no safe relic nor data sites left. So I scanned down the system, found a few wormholes, and one of them went to a C2 system as evidenced by the black cloud on the side of the ‘eye’ of the wormhole. So I went, deeper.

Jackpot, a nice set of cosmic signals to scan. And yes, a few were ruined/central. Loot: 10 million ISK. Not enough. My thirst for adventure and ISK said: go deeper in the rabbit(worm)hole.

An hour later I had traversed 5 wormholes, so said Pathfinder, and amassed loot to the tune of 100 million ISK. And in wormhole number 5: an exit to high sec! High sec far from home, but high sec. I parked my Heron in some station there. My character went for dinner and made a contract to my alt with high Trading skills. She came to pick everything up with a hauling Sunesis, and flew back to Jita to sell it all.

I made back my Heron a few times over, and soon he will be replaced by a Buzzard. But he’ll be my precious, until destroyed.

I will do this again.

[Player Story] A Newbro’s Tale #1

A short tale by EVE University’s Doctor Taunu – full credit to them.

The night was cold, but the will was strong. I ventured out in my basic to the bones Heron, into a wormhole. The nights before, no success. Enemies circled the sites. This evening was no different. Long scanning sessions revealed nothing of interest, but another wormhole within this one. Carefully bookmarking everything, I ventured deeper, comparing the visuals of this wormhole with their classes.

And yes, the scans delivered: all sites were ruined or central. Playing the hacking game, failing, succeeding: the cargo was nice and juicy, more than 70 million ISK. Not bad for a 4 million ship. Not bad for a new student.

Back I needed to go. Jumping back to the original wormhole, and then to my bookmark to exit. The bookmark was there. The wormhole was not!

The panic was as present as that orphaned bookmark, for surely my first haul would not go forgotten? I knew of other wormholes, and one led to known space. Null space. I jumped and jumped, frantically directionally scanning, frantically looking at local chat.

Null space was behind me, low sec, then high sec. Guristas had invaded! Luckily, I killed a singular drone in Pochven. I was merely a passerby. And passing I did by. I entered Jita’s system. I had my bookmark ready for a quick undock. The evening was a success.

The journey however is long. And it will be fruitful, with the occasional wreck. But I have enough to buy 15 more fully fitted ships. I am not scared.

EVE University Professor Releases Tutorial Videos

ALDRAT, Metropolis – EVE Online can be highly intimidating for new pilots. Mastering even the basics to survive in New Eden is a daunting challenge. To make this easier for capsuleers, Seamus Donohue and EVE University have released a series of tutorial videos which guide new pilots through character creation through the introductory career mission tracks.

This 46-part series, encompassing over seven hours of content, can be found at http://tinyurl.com/SurviveEVE, or by searching for “How to Survive EVE Online” on YouTube. Each video runs from 6 to 14 minutes in length.

“I like explaining things,” said Seamus Donohue, “so when I saw ‘How to Survive Minecraft’ by ‘paulsoaresjr’ on YouTube, I decided it would be a good idea to create a similar series for EVE Online. In my case, I had watched the entire Minecraft series before actually buying Minecraft.” Continue reading