EVE Lore Experts to Hold Public Panel Discussion

EVE Online is built upon a massive amount of backstory and role-playing lore. On May 24th at 01:00 EVE time, three experts on EVE lore will discuss recent events in New Eden, and speculate on their implications for the future of EVE Online.

The three panelists include:

  • Rhavas – leading participant in the Arek’Jaalan wormhole study project, and aficionado of the history of New Eden
  • Mark726 – curator of the EVE Travel website, and author of the EVE Lore Survival Guide
  • Morwen Lagann – expert on the back story of EVE, primary archivist for the Arek’Jaalan Project and moderator of the Backstage role playing forum as well as the in-game role-playing chat channels, The Summit and OOC

If you have ever wondered about any aspect of EVE lore or history, or how to play the game as a role-player, now is your chance to get informed answers.

Neville Smit, EVE University’s Teaching Manager, will moderate the panel. “Development of EVE Online’s backstory and lore have seen a resurgence lately,” says Smit, “with the Battle of Caldari Prime and the recent news of changes in New Eden’s political factions. Our panelists understand the importance of these changes and how they foretell possible directions in future gameplay in EVE. I’m looking forward to moderating this event, and I think it will be of interest not only to EVE role-players, but to anyone who enjoys playing the game.”

This event, sponsored by EVE University, is open to everyone on the UNI’s public Mumble server. Use this guide for set-up: http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Mumble#Very_quick_guide_.28PUBLIC_SERVER.29 – participants should also join the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel, where they can post questions to the panelists during the discussion.

This event is one of EVE University’s ongoing series of guest lectures, bringing different perspectives of noted personalities in EVE Online to all interested capsuleers. Check the EVE University class library for recordings of these guest lectures.

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  1. Is there a recording of this available by any chance?

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