Ripard Teg to Speak at UNI Guest Lecture

On June 1st at 19:00 EVE time, blogger extraordinaire and recently elected Vice-Chairman of the Council of Stellar Management 8, Ripard Teg, will speak at a public question and answer session sponsored by EVE University, as part of the UNI’s ongoing Guest Lecture series.


Ripard Teg

Ripard Teg is the editor of the popular blog, Jester’s Trek. He is also an experienced combat pilot, flying in the Rote Kapelle alliance, mostly in NPC nullsec space. He was elected to CSM8 with the second-highest vote count, and recently selected by his peers to be Vice-Chairman.

This event, sponsored by EVE University, is open to everyone on the UNI’s public Mumble server. Use this guide for set-up: – participants should also join the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel, where they can post questions during the discussion.

Neville Smit, EVE University’s Teaching Manager, will moderate the Q&A session.

This event is one of EVE University’s ongoing series of guest lectures, bringing different perspectives of noted personalities in EVE Online to all interested capsuleers. Check the EVE University class library for recordings of these guest lectures.

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