CSM7 Chairman Seleene discusses future of CSM and EVE Online


On April 6, Seleene, chairman of CSM7 and who will be leaving his post after Fanfest later this month, spoke in an online Q&A session with Neville Smit, EVE University Teaching Manager. In this interview, Seleene talked frankly about the successes and weaknesses of CSM7 – its evolving role with CCP, the contributions made to the upcoming Odyssey expansion, and its ongoing legacy.

In addition, Seleene discussed the current state of EVE Online – the stagnation of nullsec space, the proliferation of capital ships, the role of risk in high sec, and the untapped potential yet to be realized in the game design.

This interview was one of EVE University’s ongoing Guest Lecture series, covering many different perspectives by prominent EVE Online personalities.

A recording of the complete Q&A session is now available for download from EVE University’s class library, and can be found here: http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/EVE_University_Class_Library#Special

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