CCP Unifex and CCP Seagull to join UNI Q&A event

UPDATE: the recording of this interview can now be found here:

EVE University is pleased to announced that Jon Lander (CCP Unifex), Executive Producer of EVE Online, and Andie Nordgren (CCP Seagull), Senior Producer of EVE Online, will participate in an online discussion on Saturday, April 6th at 17:00 EVE Time, on the UNI’s public Mumble server.

CCP UnifexCCP Seagull

In this unique event, the top management of EVE Online’s development will discuss the past, present and future of Internet spaceships, and they’ll share opinions about what makes EVE Online fun, and what doesn’t – and how CCP intends to manage the ongoing development of New Eden.

EVE University’s CEO, Azmodeus Valar, will open the event with a welcome for the special guests and all of the participants. The UNI’s Teaching Manager, Neville Smit, will moderate and field questions from the audience.

To participate, listeners must register on the EVE University public Mumble server. Use this guide for set-up:

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