EVE University Goes Camping

EVE University’s directors announced this week plans to offer corporation members the opportunity to operate in an NPC pocket in sovereign null security space.  The UNI will set up a “camp” in a seven-system Serpentis NPC-owned pocket in the Fountain region, and allow members to mission, mine, rat, engage in player versus player combat, and experience life in null sec.

UNI Director Darian Reymont stated, “This means we get to expand the nullsec portions of our training, and allows us to offer our students a genuine experience in a nullsec environment. We won’t be changing our rules or policies, nor will we be abandoning our neutrality. E-UNI will still be E-UNI, only it can now offer ‘moar’.”

The UNI camp in Fountain was made possible by an offer of cooperation with TEST Alliance Please Ignore.  Darian Reymont explains, “TEST approached us with an idea. They would allow us to set up a camp inside the NPC pocket within Fountain and give us access to their jump bridge network and markets, and all we needed to do was set them blue (+5 standings).”

EVE University CEO Kelduum Revaan elaborated: “It should be noted quite clearly that with us accepting this offer of assistance, it does not align us with TEST or anyone aligned with them. If anyone has a similar offer, then please do let us know. As per our existing rules of engagement, we won’t be assisting TEST or any other locals with defence, or providing any other resources to them – one of the most important elements is that this camp is based in NPC nullsec, albeit fairly deep in sov null, which means we aren’t providing rent, resources or anything similar.”

The camp in null sec is not a novel event for the UNI. Although headquartered in Aldrat in the Metropolis region, EVE University has been operating camps of students in other parts of New Eden, in order to provide a full range of educational experience to students.

The UNI Low Sec Camp, generally known as the LSC, has been operating for months in low security systems of Metropolis.  The LSC gives UNI students the opportunity to experience PvP and teaches about how to thrive without the benevolent protection of CONCORD.

The Amarr Mining Camp, or AMC, was started to take advantage of the higher prices of Pyroxeres, which is found in Amarr space.  The AMC has grown into a valuable educational experience for UNI miners and haulers.

EVE University is is a neutral training institution in New Eden. Founded in March of 2004 by Morning Maniac, EVE University takes in pilots who have a desire to learn more, and train them in all aspects of EVE Online, allowing them to be fully capable of making a name for themselves in the galaxy.  For more information about EVE University, see this page: http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/


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