State of the Uni – June

[i]KORSIKI, THE FORGE — [/i]On June 1st, Director of Operations Kelduum Revaan delivered his long-time-coming State of the Uni address. In the long statement, Kelduum’s overall opinion of the University was “Solid”. In particular, he praised the efforts of all members of the University, ranging from Fleet Admiral Silentbrick all the way down to the newest freshman, for their willingness to put their ships and clones on the line in defense of the Uni.Overall, active membership in Eve University remains at approximately the 1000 mark, with dozens of other pilots making use of the EUni and Eve High channels, and inactive membership purged periodically.Other improvements in the uni itself were discussed. A new and improved TeamSpeak server was acquired, allowing for improved voice quality and better handling of large numbers. War SOP have been updated and a new state added, allowing for war decs that start but are not actively continued by the agressors. A new killboard was acquired, inaugerated, and baptised fairly quickly, with a fitting banner drawn up by a talented member.Finally, Dierda Vaal, a long-time University faculty and representative on the Council of Stellar Management was elected for the second time, this time gathering enough votes to be named Chairperson.To read the full article, click the “Read more” link below

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