First Strike

[i]IDLE EMPIRE[/i] – to some, it is a feared pirate organisation, terrorising the honest folk of low security space. To the students prepping their ships in the School of Applied Knowledge hangar, it is another obstacle between them and peace. Many are only beginning their careers as capsuleers, yet most know what to expect – another routine game of cat and mouse.Or so they think. A sharp eyed Uni pilot, on his maiden voyage in a covert ops blares through the communications channel – an enemy Jump Freighter is slowboating in Obanen.Uni Student McFighterCloud, leading in his Raven, hastily forms a strike force of 28 ships. The fleet is moving in less than five minutes. Uni veterans are wary – such a target is almost certainly bait.Yet no trap materialises, and the Uni fleet intecepts the ship in Kaaputenen, unleashing their firepower on the defenceless ship. As the ship nears destruction, a single word is broadcast across system.”Ransom?”The answer is not given in words.The cargo of the freighter would soon follow the same fate, as the small, mobile fleet was not prepared for the rich spoils – starbase components, skillbooks, and raw materials. valued by Uni killboards . In a few minutes, there was no proof the ship ever existed, and the triumphant unistas, returning back to SAK for a round of warbeer, were credited with the first documented Jump Freighter loss of IDLE, valued at around 5.6 billion ISK.~~ Loutsos~~CazzahEUNN Reporters

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