Interview – Uni Pilots Adapt with Hit and Run

[i]KORSIKI, THE FORGE –[/i] During the current war with Seppuku Warriors [TANTO]/Vertigo Coalition , Eve University was faced with superior odds on the battlefield. This sparked much debate over developing new tactics in an attempt to level the field. One of the more successful ideas was the venerable “Hit & Run” attack. No less than 5 separate “H&R” fleet ops have been launched in the past week. The pilot responsible for reviving this concept is Vasim Vio. While results have been mixed, Vasim has proved that the Uni is capable of organising small gangs fitting specific fits without blobbing, something that has traditionally been difficult for the University because of it’s large, independent student body. Recently this brave but humble capsuleer took a break from wartime duties to answer some questions about his experience with this tactic.Click the “Read more” link to view the interview[i]~~Eloc NorEUNN Reporter[/i]

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