Uni Pilots Fight in Valiant POS Defence

[i]KORSIKI, THE FORGE –[/i] At 1732 hrs on the 4th of May, following one of the largest fleet engagements in recent University history, the player-owned station (POS) owned and operated by EVE University (E-UNI) was destroyed by a combined Seppuku Warriors (TANTO) and Vertigo Coalition (VC) fleet.Attacks on the E-UNI POS have been few and far between, despite the University’s long history of war. Early Tuesday the 27th, a combined TANTO/VC fleet comprising of an estimated 30 battleships opened fire on the POS and inflicted minor damage. TANTO directors indicated it was aimed at drawing out an E-UNI fleet.Almost a full week later that the worst fears of many pilots were made real. Early Sunday the 3rd, another combined TANTO/VC fleet jumped into Korsiki, with an est. 45 battleships plus support vessels (for an est. total of 60 ships) arranged in a “spider tank” formation. The combined fleet methodically disabled POS modules. An E-UNI fleet formed by Mynocc and lead by D6 Manager Wolf VanBerg managed to score just 4 kills, suffering massive losses before the order to withdraw was given. The enemy fleet went on to put the POS into reinforced mode.To view the rest of the article, click the “Read more” link[i]~~Darian ReymontEUNN Reporter[/i]

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