Eve Uni Fights Former Friends as Wars Ramp Up

[i]KORSIKI, THE FORGE –[/i] On the 26th of April, Eve University’s many students opened their mail to find not one, but three declarations of war from three corps – Seppuku Warriors, Vertigo Coalition, and Raype Inc. The war has entered its second week and all wars have been renewed, plus an additional wardec from Sharks With Frickin’ Laser Beams (Frick).Many readers will recall that Seppuku Warriors was featured prominently on both the in game and EUNN news page as a training corporation for PvP founded by Eve University veterans.The war declaration from Seppuku, Vertigo and presumably FRICK was a result of a paid contract offered by an unknown third party unhappy with alleged elitism and actions by Eve Uni leadership. While the details of the contract are unknown, the isk being paid is expected to fund the Seppuku budget for several months, though given that Seppuku has no formal ship replacement policy, it is not yet known what the isk will be spent on.According to Seppuku CEO Sabre A, offered contracts had been previously turned down, but increasing tensions with Eve University over issues led the leadership to reconsider their refusal. The contract was brought to the five Seppuku directors (Dee Carson, Sabre A, Acacia Incana, M0rd0 and Captain Nuf) and voted on, with a unanimous vote in favour of war.The war from Seppuku has been extremely controversial among Uni members and sparked much debate

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