War cuts 5th Anniversary Celebrations short but the Uni parties on

[i]KORSIKI, THE FORGE[/i] — On March 15th 2004 at 14:16, EVE University was founded by it’s still-CEO, Morning Maniac. A unique concept in the universe of EVE, the University was – and remains to this day – one of the few truly altruistic organisations in New Eden, supplying free education in all facets of EVE life to any and all who seek it. From humble beginnings as a place where experienced capsuleers could share their wisdom and experience with a handful of new pilots, the University has grown into a mammoth undertaking. Regularly scheduled lessons, supported by weeks of recorded lesson content and thousands of instructive forum posts alongside hundreds of millions of ISK spent every week provide students with the most comprehensive education that can be found anywhere in New Eden.When asked to comment on reaching such a huge milestone, current Director of Operations Kelduum Revaan had this to say:”What many current and ex-members are aware of is that EVE University is greater than the sum of its parts – it is not just a corporation, an alliance, a forum or even a group of people who share their knowledge, it isn’t anything so simple. Above all else Eve University is a concept, and you cannot wage war against such things. If somehow EVE University itself were to be disbanded tomorrow and all its assets disappeared, the concept would continue to exist, and I truly believe it will still exist until the last star in New Eden burns up the last of its fuel and goes dark.”Dir. Revaan went on to thank the community of New Eden, pointing out that, “without the donations, support, and backing from the community at large, Eve University would be unable to continue at the level it has been doing.”Whilst the concept of E-Uni is indeed safe from the ever-present threat of war, the organisation itself is sadly not. On the morning of the University’s anniversary old enemies the Privateer Alliance, declared war on the Unistas for the 7th time. At the Ivy Bar and Grill, the transition from drunken, happy students, to drunken, happy, students in a bloodlust was seamless, and several bystanders were trampled in the drunken rush for the hangars. Glenn Ark could be heard screaming over the crowd, “We didn’t even have time to put away the taps for the WARBEER! So drink up me mateys! Lets have a blast at SAK!”While the war has yet to go live, one loss occured as a drunken student attempted to “kill that bloody Privateer drone!”, which instead turned out to be the killbot guarding the office of Fleet Admiral SilentbrickWith said warbeers once again being served around the clock at Uni HQ it seems that nothing can dampen the spirits of this monumental event as the pilots of EVE University prepare for both war and party alike.– Darian Reymont,EUNN Reporter

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