Point Anomalies Present Opportunity, Danger

[i]KORSIKI, THE FORGE[/i] — The recent appearance of wormholes throughout the EVE cluster has brought new opportunity and new challenges to the Students and Faculty of Eve University. These point anomalies provide direct access to uncharted “w-space” that falls far outside the domain of any established empire, potentially opening vast, untapped resources to the UNI members able to exploit them.While the new space may be unclaimed, curious pilots are encouraged to use extreme caution in this exceptionally hostile environment. As demonstrated during a recent reconnaissance by Vice Admiral Ubercado of the Ivy League Navy, the local sleeper drones can be deadly even to well equipped veterans. Anyone attempting to explore and exploit a w-space pocket would be well advised to travel in a group and to carry battleship class weaponry.Perhaps the greatest danger of w-space has been presented by the other, less altruistic denizens of New Eden. Reports have already started to trickle in of factions establishing gate-camps and ambushing pilots who jump through the anomaly to see what is on the other side. The 0.0 security status of w-space means that anyone is a potential threat, and there have been several instances of misunderstanding that have lead to “blue on blue” engagements inside of the wormhole.At the time of writing, official University doctrine regarding student access to w-space has yet to be formally defined, but a de facto “enter at your own risk” policy is currently in effect, while students are further instructed to avoid exiting through wormholes that lead into 0.0 security space. In all cases the University continues to operate under a NRDSI protocol.Despite the claims for territory in w-space, the Directorate and University Diplomatic Corps expect that w-space will remain open to University students, with University Diplomatic Director Irdalth Delrar dismissed any potential territorial claims in w-space as “irrelevant” in light of the logistical challenges inherent in maintaining a presence inside a wormhole.In the end, only time will tell how w-space will affect the University’s politics, and the challenge of dealing with new, unsecured space capable of appearing at random in any high security system now falls squarely on the shoulders of the Directorate and the University Diplomatic corps.The politicking and territorial disputes that are sure to follow should provide interesting challenge in the months to come.Lord Alrich,EUNN Reporter

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