Unexplained Phenomena brings early end to war?

[i]KORSIKI, THE FORGE[/i] — In an abrupt end to a turbulent period for EVE University, war declarations issued by the mercenary groups Scalar Federation and War Of Wrath were retracted on the 9th of March, while the UN1CUM alliance decided not to extend their own declaration. It has been a time of conflict for the students and teachers of EVE University, fighting four campaigns within a month-long window.The situation began just under a week after the Exotic Dancers retracted their war declaration following less than a week of very little combat. The UN1CUM alliance declared war on the University on the 2nd of March with no reasons given. The opening salvo of four kills contrasted to the rest of the campaign in which UN1CUM war targets refused to subsequently engage.One day later after the UN1CUM wardec, the Scalar Federation declared war on the University. A quiet start was ended when Fleet Admiral Silentbrick led a huge fleet of over 160 ships deep into Scalar’s nullsec home systems, attacking ships and stations alike, resulting in five well-earned kills for three losses.The most interesting of the wars may have been with War of Wrath. While the Uni won a lopsided efficiency victory with a rating of 86.42% the war offered the most battles and both sides seemed to appreciate the honor, integrity and spirt of their adversary. Darth Schweinebacke, founder of War of Wrath had this to say in communication that was forwarded to the Uni. “I must say nice job so far there Ivy. Most 0.0 Alliances are not as disciplined as you guys are. Well done.”With reports coming in from across New Eden about the appearance of spacial anomalies causing massive disruption, many Uni pilots wondered just how all three wars came to an end at the same time, so close to the largest wormhole formations in recorded history. Was there more to it than met the eye? Did some prior knowledge of the events in New Eden prompt these retractions? Dierdra Vaal, University Director of Training had this to say;“One of the main reasons this happened was because we showed we’re a tough nut to crack! We had barely any unnecessary war losses this time. We were effective against our opponents, showing them that we WILL seek them out and fight them and that we WON’T set ourselves up as vulnerable targets.Looks like wormholes are not the only unexplained phenomena making an appearance in Korsiki these days. Recruitment is once again open as the EVE University steps boldly into New Eden’s New Age of Exploration, continuing its mission to educate its students in a safe and welcoming environment.– Darian Reymont, with additions from Stone Xue EUNN Reporters

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