Eve Uni Prepares for Influx of New Students

[i]KORSIKI, THE FORGE[/i] — With Eve Online’s latest expansion, Apocrypha, hitting shelves this March, students, teachers and directors alike at Eve University are ramping up their efforts to prepare for the influx of new pilots to hit the space lanes of New Eden. Assisting this push has been two months of peace and prosperity, putting the University in a prime position to deal with the rush. We asked Kazzym, the Recruiting Manager at Eve University about the upcoming player surge. [i]”Typically we’re dealing with 30 applications a day but with Apocrypha coming out, we’re expecting much more than that. For all those new pilots out there looking to join, come along and join the “Eve University” channel. However if nobody knows about us, and what we do to help new players, many of those pilots will quit in frustration, unable to find help. This is why we’ve been working on advertisements targeted at new pilots into Eve.”[/i] The advertisements, which have already hit EON magazine, are expected to hit Eve Online soon. Chief among the improvements have been a continuing revamp of the mentor system by Mentor Manager Aehara. Applications developed within the University allow students to request mentors catered to their specialisation and playtime, who will guide them, one on one in their first steps into New Eden. Automation and other improvements in request handling have allowed most requests to be processed in less than a day. For the more advanced, Wolf Vanberg has announced the opening of “Division 6”, Eve Uni’s advanced low sec training program, designed to aid older students in operating in low sec and wormhole space, whilst emphasising self reliance and small gang warfare. Response from the students has been strong and enthusiastic, and it is hoped that Division 6 will prove effective now and long into the future Perhaps most heart-warming however, has been the support of the New Eden community. Sinqlaison, of Capital Builders Inc. has graciously agreed to donate 1 billion ISK each week, much of it going to fund those who have achieved the position of “Student”, demonstrating that even in New Eden, a world of power struggles and corporate greed, a true spirit of community can be found within its pilots. Within the Uni, newly appointed Loans Officer Calamoures is restarting a loans program sponsored by an industrial corp, NAGA with the intention to provide students the cash flow needed to get a head start in Eve. Other help has come from unexpected places. When HPC Larry led his first fleet operation, composed of over 50 ships into the notoriously dangerous system of Rancer, and was involved in a battle with pirates, he was surprised to receive 100 million isk each from two members of the pirate corporation who will remain anonymous to protect their nefarious reputations. One explained that [i]”Our guys were very impressed with the training Eve Uni was giving, and all the Eve Uni guys comported themselves admirably. Would fight again.” [/i]Meanwhile the University’s 5th anniversary is rapidly approaching, and while details are under wraps, the leadership in Eve Uni surely has something special planned.–Cazzah,Managing Editor,Eve University[i]Eve University is a non profit, neutral corp devoted to teaching new pilots in Eve Online. If you are interested in joining, or just need help and advice, join our channel “Eve University” in game.[/i]

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