Eve University Alumni Form PvP Training Corporation

[i]STACMON, PLACID[/i] – Sabre A, former Vice Admiral of the Ivy League Navy and Director of Eve University announced today the formation of a PvP Training corporation, Seppuku Warriors, to be headquartered here at the Planet X, Moon 1 Federal Administration Offices station.“The recent escalation of armed conflicts across New Eden has resulted in a shortage of combat qualified, small group oriented pilots with more than just cursory experience, “ said Sabre. He went on to add, “The waves of new recruits anticipated in advance of significant spring offensives by several groups highlights the need for some of us to sacrifice personal victories for the greater good.” On a more informal note, ex-Uni Director Dee Carson noted that the main goal of the corporation would be to “Blow stuff up” and in the process, teach it’s students, leaving this reporter wondering if he’d got the two quotes attributed to the wrong people.Joined by former Eve University Directors m0rd0 and Dee Carson, Eve University alumni Captain Nuf and Pazkal (associate of former Eve University Director Acacia Incana), Sabre is now in the process of confirming the participation of a group of handpicked instructors. “I am not yet at liberty to disclose the identities of those selfless veterans who have chosen to participate in this endeavor, but I will say that I never in my wildest dreams (even those involving a harmonica and roast pig barbeques) did I ever imagine that some of these folks would agree to fly with one another and in this context. Just wait, you’ll see!”The notion of unrestricted PvP, under the tutelage of legendary ex-Uni leaders, particularly one who was immortalised in a Curzon Dax song, has sent many Eve University students into a frenzy of excitement, with responses ranging from “This is turning into the Eve version of the Dream Team” to “Oh, HELL YEAH!”The EUNN team will continue to follow and report on this event as more details are revealedDetails about Seppuku Wariors are available at the corp’s website: www.Seppuku-Warriors.netArticle by Dee Carson– Director of Seppuku WarriorsAdditions by Cazzah– EUNN

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