The End of Eve University – Disbanding May 1st

Edit: April fools everyone, we certainly aren’t disbanding, and in fact due to some recent changes, wars are even less of a problem for us!For Immediate Release, April 1st, 2009 – Official Eve University Press StatementMany of you know Eve University as the new player training corporation which was founded just over five years ago. We have spent that time teaching new players in all aspects of Eve, and helping them on their way in New Eden to become successful pilots, providing skillbooks, ships, modules and various other resources. That, however, is about to change.Unfortunately it is my duty to inform you that after detailed and lengthy discussions with the senior leadership, Eve University will be closing in one month’s time on May 1st, 2009.Recruitment and operations will continue until May 1st, but at this time, what little corporation assets we have remaining will be distributed to the members who have been with us for over one month, the security on our forums will be removed, and all accounts will be disabled. In this, we hope to leave at least a small legacy for the capsuleer community. The corporation and alliance will then be disbanded.There are unfortunately a number of reasons why this has come to pass, but the largest single reason is the constant empire wars which have prevented us from teaching elements other than PvP.In less than two years we have seen over 34 wars declared by various groups against us, including a period of two full months from the Privateer Alliance last year, and again a further three weeks at time of writing, which has made teaching non-combat lessons effectively impossible.Some may suggest that we simply focus on teaching PvP, but it should be mentioned that the problem is not the wars themselves, but those who declare wars and then fail to prosecute them, running and hiding after the first few days, resulting in them sitting AFK in a station for the remaining duration of the war.War also unfortunately means we cannot safely accept new pilots, who lead to a massive recruitment backlog, and those same pilots not getting the support they need in their formative days, which in turn leads to them retiring before their time.Unfortunately with war-declaration costs so low, it means that anyone with a few million ISK can throw the proceeds from a couple of level 4 missions at Concord and have hundreds of targets for a week, which means that anyone with a grudge, either perceived or actual, has no incentive to seek a diplomatic resolution.Changes to the mechanics involved have been suggested for quite some time, and a fix was applied to reduce excessive usage of the war-dec system, but unfortunately it appears the changes have not been entirely successful, as the described mechanic originally described has not been implemented.So, after what seems to have been a concerted effort by a handful of people, and no way to continue our mission of educating new players effectively, we have no option but to close Eve University.If it were not for the support of the wider community, Eve University is something which would simply not have lasted as long as it has, and I would like to wish the best of luck to all the other new player training corporations out there – unfortunately our success in teaching has lead to us becoming a target for a small number of unsavoury characters who want to prevent new players from receiving support in the critical early days.We hope they enjoy the New Eden their actions have created.Signed:Kelduum Revaan, Director of Operationsp.p.Silentbrick, Fleet AdmiralMorning Maniac, CEOEve University [E-UNI]Copies to IVY News, IVY Forum, Alliance Mail, CAOD, ISD Interstellar Correspondents

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